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Metal Gates Vs Wooden Gates: Which One Should I Choose?

A quality gate is a must-have for any property, as they can provide security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. The two main types of gates are metal and wooden gates, and both have their own benefits and can improve your home in unique ways. So you can decide which one is best for you, this article provides a comprehensive list of pros and cons for each.    Wooden gates Pros Traditional style: Wooden gates have a classic look. They are aesthetically appealing, and bring a touch of warmth and homeliness to your property. These gates can also suit the majority of houses, as…

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Can a New Fence Increase the Value of Your Home?

If you are looking for a simple way to improve your home’s market value, an impressive, new fence may be the answer. However, it is important to choose the right fence, and make sure the fence has a purpose which will appeal to prospective home buyers.  What is the purpose of the fence? A well-maintained garden fence, installed by professionals, can increase the value of a property by about 20%. However, a fence will only increase the value of your property if it has a relevant purpose, such as increasing security, privacy, keeping pets in, or upgrading and modernising for aesthetic…

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Types and Uses of Garden Sheds & Summerhouses All Year

Types of Garden Sheds Garden sheds provide the perfect way to utilize your outdoor space. Potting sheds – To keep your plants safe and healthy. Workshops – Dedicate an area to a hobby or storage space for lesser used items such as tools. Garage – If your home isn’t fitted with a garage, garage sheds can store your car securely and safely. Summerhouses – Perfect place for relaxing, or entertaining guests, any time of the year. Models can include verandahs, Georgian style architecture and finishes, roof canopies, and panelled windows. Playhouses  – Place for your children to play, without spending their…

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Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Fencing Contractor

Secure, stylish and durable: these are the key features you need to look for when looking for a new fence. But finding the right products is only half the battle because it’s just as important, if not more, to find the perfect fencing contractor to install your fence, too. However, with so many fencing contractors out there it’s difficult to know just who you can trust to safely supply and install your fence. But by following these top tips, you’ll have your ideal fence installed in no time at all. Does the contractor have a professional website? Professional companies are more…

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Best Types of Wood for Wooden Gates

Wooden gates are a popular home improvement and can offer a certain grandeur to a property while also improving security and privacy. How a wooden gate ages, whether it can be painted and the durability of the gate depend on the type of timber selected to make it. This may sound like a lot to consider, but choosing the timber for your ideal gate system need not be a difficult process, as all softwoods offer particularly good value for money and come in colours and grains to suit any style. Don’t let the name fool you. ‘Softwoods’ are some of the…

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Best Fence Types for Windy Conditions

Some fences will stand up to the wind better than others, and if your property is located in an area that is regularly battered by high winds, then it’s smart to construct your fence to offer as much protection as possible from the gusts. This month, we’re taking a look at the best types of fences for windy areas so you can make the wisest choice when it comes to choosing the perfect fence for your property. Choose the right posts The type of fence posts you choose will have a direct impact on the strength and sturdiness of the rest…

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The 5 Most Popular Types of Fencing

When choosing a fence for your commercial property or home, the huge range of options available to you can make it a difficult decision. Here at Harrow Fencing, we love sharing our knowledge of the fencing industry to ensure you make the right choice for your requirements. In this article, we’ve listed the most popular types of fencing available, and some of the benefits of each. Wooden Fencing As the most traditional and widely used fencing option for domestic houses, wooden fencing makes an attractive and classic addition to any garden or outdoor area. Wooden fences have the added benefit of…

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Garden Security Part 1: Fences

While we’ve touched on the look and function of fences before, this month we start a two part blog on the security of your garden. In this piece, we’ll talk about fences, how they can help you keep your home or premises secure and what kind of fences we offer at Harrow Fencing to assist you. How Do Fences Help Security? Every home has its weak spot which thieves and opportunists will try to exploit. A survey carried out in 1996 – The British Crime Survey – stated that around 60% of all domestic burglaries were carried out via the back…

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Buying Guide: What To Consider When Buying A Garden Shed

Summer isn’t far away and Spring is upon us, bringing the promise of sunshine and the increased usage of your garden space. With this in mind, now is the best time to purchase a new garden shed. Whether yours has become run down or you have been waiting to get your first shed for your new home, our handy guide will help you to factor in all the choices you have so that you can select the perfect shed for your garden. Get The Right Size The size of your garden will usually inform the size of the shed you get….

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Preparing For A New Fence

Having a new fence installed by a professional fencing company seems like an easy task, but there are a few things you can do to make the whole process even easier, ensuring you get it right the first time around for your property. We’ve got just a handful of tips to help you when you’re planning or preparing for a new fence to be installed – all of which should prevent any mishaps further down the line. Think About The Height The main purpose of a fence is to give you some privacy on your property, especially in your back garden…

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