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Metal Gates Vs Wooden Gates: Which One Should I Choose?

25 November 2019

Types of Wooden Gates

A quality gate is a must-have for any property, as they can provide security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. The two main types of gates are metal and wooden gates, and both have their own benefits and can improve your home in unique ways. So you can decide which one is best for you, this article provides a comprehensive list of pros and cons for each.   

Wooden gates


  • Traditional style:

Wooden gates have a classic look. They are aesthetically appealing, and bring a touch of warmth and homeliness to your property. These gates can also suit the majority of houses, as even if you have a modern home you can always paint them a contemporary colour. 

  • Privacy and security: 

Often, these gates will have a row of wooden panels. This means they create a solid barrier that will protect your home from prying eyes. They are also difficult to climb, which will make it harder for people to break in. 

  • Affordable:

Cost is a significant consideration when buying a new gate or fence, and due to the inexpensive materials needed to build wooden garden gates, they are very affordable. 


  • Regular maintenance: 

A wooden garden gate is made from natural materials, so it requires regular maintenance to prevent mould and rot. Looking after your gate will ensure it is long-lasting and does not deteriorate. 

  • Professional installation: 

It is essential that your wooden gate is installed by an expert, as if it is not properly built then the timber might split, twist or warp over time. 

Metal gates


  • Security: 

A metal garden gate is a strong, durable barrier for your home. It is easy to attach a lock to these gates as well, which will increase security even further. 

  • Low maintenance:

Metal garden gates are very long-lasting, as they won’t be affected by harsh, wet weather or strong winds. They require little maintenance, and remain sturdy and aesthetically appealing for years on end. 

  • Flexible style: 

Metal gates will suit a wide variety of home styles, as they are suitable for both modern and traditional houses. You can also be creative with the design of your metal gate, as they can be decorated with complex patterns. 


  • Heavy:

Due to their weight, metal gates need to be attached to a sturdy structure. This means you can’t just hang them off whatever fence you have, so if the fence isn’t suitable you might have to install some more solid posts. 

Sustainably sourced wooden gates are much more environmentally friendly than metal ones. This is because the creation of metal gates requires a large amount of energy from fossil fuels, which does not help with carbon emissions. 

  • Less privacy:

You won’t gain much privacy by installing a metal gate, as they are not usually a solid barrier, so you can easily see through into the property. 

What type of gate should you choose?

When it comes to choosing between a metal and a wooden gate, there isn’t an obvious better choice, as it depends on what you are looking for. Style-wise, both wooden and metal gates can suit a wide variety of designs, so it is up to your personal tastes which one you prefer. If you are looking for a more secure home, you may choose a metal gate, however if you live in a busy neighbourhood and need more privacy, a wooden gate might be the best choice. 

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