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Preparing For A New Fence

Having a new fence installed by a professional fencing company seems like an easy task, but there are a few things you can do to make the whole process even easier, ensuring you get it right the first time around for your property.

We’ve got just a handful of tips to help you when you’re planning or preparing for a new fence to be installed – all of which should prevent any mishaps further down the line.

Think About The Height

The main purpose of a fence is to give you some privacy on your property, especially in your back garden where you’ll ideally be spending a lot of time. To ensure you get this much needed privacy you need to think about the height of your fence. Many people don’t consider that, but just because they can’t see over the fence into their neighbours garden, it doesn’t mean neighbours can’t see into your garden.

Make a practical decision and don’t go overboard when it comes to height as this can lead to disputes later on. If you’re not sure how high you need your fence you can always ask the experts and they’ll give you an experienced opinion based on the lay of your land and the type of fence you’re after.

Everyone Needs Boundaries

The key thing to remember when it comes to boundaries is that you can’t just knock up a fence anywhere you like. Your fence must be on the borderline of your property – sometimes shared by neighbours – and cannot overstep these boundaries. Acting outside of your own boundaries can result in arguments and legal action.

Planning Permission

Following on from these points about height and boundaries, there are some situations in which you might need to gain planning permission from your local authority to erect a new fence; it’s always best to check first before doing any work. There is no need to apply for planning permission to take down a fence unless you’re in a conservation area.

Where a neighbouring property is involved you might find you need planning permission, however, some people reduce the hassle of this process by speaking to their neighbours directly and sharing the cost for a new fence – it is going to be shared after all.

Whether you are sharing your fence or not, speaking to your neighbours before the work goes ahead is a common courtesy and helps to diffuse any tensions which may arise. Neighbours are more likely to agree to your plans if you speak with them first.

Plan Your Gate Space

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with planning to buy a new fence, but you should consider whether you need any gates. Make a note of important details such as where they are going to go on your property and how large they will be, as this allows for adjustments to be made and any potential problems will have been avoided without waste or extra cost.

Similarly, you should think about whether you need room to get any large items onto your property first. It’s no good having a new fence installed if you were planning to bring large items of furniture onto your property via the garden.

If you’re planning on buying a fence and you want high quality materials and installation then look no further than Harrow Fencing. We’re always happy to help and can even advise you on your fencing needs.

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