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Latest News Buying Guide: What To Consider When Buying A Garden Shed


Buying Guide: What To Consider When Buying A Garden Shed

Summer isn’t far away and Spring is upon us, bringing the promise of sunshine and the increased usage of your garden space. With this in mind, now is the best time to purchase a new garden shed. Whether yours has become run down or you have been waiting to get your first shed for your new home, our handy guide will help you to factor in all the choices you have so that you can select the perfect shed for your garden.

Get The Right Size

The size of your garden will usually inform the size of the shed you get. Most people prefer their shed to be out of the way; part of the scenery but not taking over the natural beauty of the garden. However, the way you intend to use your garden can also be a factor in the size of shed you select. If you simply want to store a few small items then perhaps a Streamline, Tidy or Spacesavers shed is the ideal shed for you. On the other hand, if you have a large garden and wish to use your shed for storing items as well as large pieces of furniture and equipment, then a Dutch Barn or something from our Pent range will be better suited.

Let There Be Light

A lot of sheds come without windows these days because, in some cases, they simply aren’t needed. Think about whether you want some light in your shed; will you be using it as a hobby space, or will you be using it as a potting shed? If you want maximum sunlight in your shed for your plants then our Potting Shed is perfect, with windows on the three sides of the structure. The Grendon is a much larger version of this, while the half size Potting Shed can be useful for those with only a small yard.

Access To The Base

The base onto which you have your shed placed can be concrete, slabs or timber, but the important thing to remember is that the delivery team will need access to this base. Ensure that we’ll be able to reach the area in which you’d like to situate your shed and this will make things much easier. It will obviously be easier to deliver a small shed, but if you have any queries over the size of the shed your would like to order and the access to the base area then simply let us know in advance.

Shed Style Selection

For many, the style of their shed will be a key factor in their purchase; it’s part of the beauty and the scenery of a traditional British garden. In terms of a traditional look you could opt for a Classic Apex shed, or add a bit more elegance with the Georgian Woodford. If you want your shed to fit into a corner then our Georgian or Classic Stanwell will help you to keep a classic style while making the most of the space you have.


Potting plants? Carrying out your woodworking hobby? Or just feeling green-fingered – whatever the functionality you hope to get from your shed we have something to suit your needs. We can cater to those looking for storage as well as those looking for something more luxurious. Our Evesham Shed, for example, has it’s own verandah, while our Garage shed will allow you to keep larger items and machinery safe and dry.

If you’d like to see example of any of the sheds we supply here at Harrow Fencing then simply take a look at our brochure. If you’d like more information or advice on which shed will best suit your garden, our professional team will be happy to discuss your requirements – contact us today.

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