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Trellis Fence Panels

Fuse your fence with nature

Trellis Fence Panels | Harrow Fencing Supplies

Trellis Fence Panels

Whether you’re a plant enthusiast and want to create a fence fused with nature, or you simply like the trellis pattern running along the top of your fence, there’s plenty of reasons to opt for trellis fencing.

As a leading garden trellis company in Harrow, Hillingdon and London, we’re here to provide a varied choice of products to take your garden to the next level, including wooden trellis fence panels to bring that sought-after touch of charm.

Types of Trellis Fencing

Here at Harrow Fencing Supplies, we offer a full range of options, from convex and concave to diamond trellis fence panels and square trellis panels. You can also choose from trellises with a curved top or flat top, like traditional fencing panels. 

With such a wide range of styles on offer, you will certainly find a look that will suit your property and complement your outdoor space. 

And of course, if you need help deciding which wooden garden fence panels will be right for you, a member of our team would be glad to help. With over 60 years’ experience as one of the leading fencing stockists and installers for Harrow, Hillingdon and London, we’re fully knowledgeable of all our products and can offer professional advice to help you choose.

Harrow Fencing Supplies

Trellis Fencing Stockists

As leading trellis suppliers with decades of experience, Harrow Fencing Supplies are one of the most trusted stockists in the region. 

First, we’ll chat with you to decide which trellis option is best to fulfil your stylistic and functional needs. Next, you’ll be able to buy trellis panels directly from us once you select your style. Finally, we perform professional trellis installation to ensure a flawless finish. And throughout the whole process, we’ll always be sure to offer a listening ear and a little guidance along the way. 


Harrow Fencing Supplies

Looking For a Garden Trellis Company?

With a strong reputation as a trusted fencing and garden trellis company, the team here at Harrow Fencing have a huge range of trellises for sale, alongside other fence products to complement and enhance your garden.

For more information about the trellis fencing panels that we have in stock, give us a call today. We’re always happy to help.


What is a trellis used for?

Trellises provide a dual purpose of a beautiful piece of decoration for your garden, while also guiding plants and creepers to grow in a certain direction, supporting them as they do.

How high can a fence be with a trellis?

A garden fence cannot exceed two metres, and a trellis counts as part of this height. Therefore, if you want to add a trellis to a fence that will bring the total height above that 2 metre mark, you will require planning permission.

Can you put a trellis on an existing fence?

Yes, you can absolutely put a trellis onto an existing wooden fence, so long as it doesn’t exceed 2 metres total height. You may need to extend the support posts to accommodate for the extra height, so please feel free to get some advice from our friendly team.

Where can you buy trellis fence panels?

Right here, at Harrow Fencing. If you’re in the Harrow, Hillingdon and London areas, we’re your dependable local stockist and installer of a wide array of decorative trellises to suit any style.

What can you grow on a trellis?

There are a multitude of plants and vines that can be successfully grown on trellis panels. Depending on whether you have a full trellised fence or just a panel at the top might have an influence over which sorts of plants you can grow, so always make sure to do your research. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of preference as to which types of plants you’d like to see adorning your fence.

What is the best climbing plant for a trellis?

The best climbing plant for a trellis ultimately depends on your personal preferences regarding colours, scents and overall appearance.

You also need to consider how much time you have to give to the maintenance of the plant. Options include honeysuckle, wisteria, ivy, jasmine and many others, so make sure you do your research to find the perfect plant for you.

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