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From Garages and Garden Sheds to Global Markets

Garages and garden sheds have done more than just provide a place of safekeeping for storage and garden ornaments over the years. Some of the world’s largest companies had their humble beginnings in a garden shed, birthing ideas and products that would go on to shape the course of the future. Today, Harrow Fencing are going to delve into these stories and explore how just a few entrepreneurs went from garden shed to the global market. Apple Apple’s beginnings have been unveiled countless times thanks to the many Steve Jobs biopics to hit the big screen in recent years. Steve Jobs…

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How to stop and deter foxes from your garden and bins

Foxes are highly adaptable animals and are, therefore, common sights in urbanised areas as well as in the countryside. Their presence in suburbs and cities puts them in contact with people which can lead to concerns, with many wanting to get rid of foxes from their gardens. If you are someone who wants to protect your garden and bins from foxes, take a look at our helpful guidance below. How to know if a fox has been in your garden? If you are unfamiliar with foxes and you haven’t necessarily spotted one in situ in your garden, you may not initially…

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Summerhouse Trends 2018

A summerhouse is a wonderful addition to your garden from which you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors, without being exposed to the elements. Whether it’s a blustery day, the sun is too scorching or you want shelter from rain showers, a summerhouse gives you a comfy haven nestled within your outdoor space. To truly make the most of your little retreat you should take time when furnishing and decorating it, transforming it into a space you love spending time in. To give you some inspiration, we’ve put together some of the big interior trends for 2018 which would work wonderfully in…

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Simple shed storage hacks

If you want to get the most out of your garden shed, it is critical that you keep it well organised. Sheds can be a very useful space – whether you use it as a place to store outdoors items, as a workshop, or something more unusual – provided you don’t let it become overrun and messy. No matter how you use it, a garden shed will always become a more functional space when it’s been organised effectively. So, to help you arrange your shed successfully, we’ve put together some clever storage hacks. 1. Shelves Utilizing wall space is a great…

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What is the UK law concerning fences and gates?

When you are making alterations or additions to your property related to fences and gates, you should make sure you are aware of the regulations and laws surrounding such work. Planning permissions cover a wide variety of construction work and keep your building in line with national and local guidelines. Most people will not know what kinds of work require permissions and which do not, so we’ve put together these guidelines to help you understand how fencing and gates can be affected by such rules. Rules and regulations Planning permission regulations are in place across the whole of the UK and,…

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What makes a Good Fence Installer?

If you’ve decided it’s time for a new fence, you may be considering whether to do it yourself or hire a professional. This choice will depend greatly upon whether you have the strength, knowledge, skill and time to carry out the job well. If you don’t feel confident enough that you can complete the job safely and effectively, it is best to leave it to an experienced professional – a fence can, after all, influence the whole look of your property, for good or bad! A good fence installer will have an array of skills which enable them to get the…

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7 Things to know before installing a new fence

Before installing a new fence, there are many factors you should consider to ensure longevity and to also select the best fence for your requirements. A new fence is an investment, contributing to the overall look of your property, and so it is important you do your research and are prepared before beginning any work. To help you ready yourself for a new fence, the experts at Harrow Fencing have put together some top preparatory tips. What do you want the fence for? Before you decide upon the type of fence you want, you should give thought to what you want…

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Types and Uses of Garden Sheds & Summerhouses All Year

Types of Garden Sheds Garden sheds provide the perfect way to utilize your outdoor space. Potting sheds – To keep your plants safe and healthy. Workshops – Dedicate an area to a hobby or storage space for lesser used items such as tools. Garage – If your home isn’t fitted with a garage, garage sheds can store your car securely and safely. Summerhouses – Perfect place for relaxing, or entertaining guests, any time of the year. Models can include verandahs, Georgian style architecture and finishes, roof canopies, and panelled windows. Playhouses  – Place for your children to play, without spending their…

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Benefits of a Swimming Pool Safety Fence

A swimming pool is a dream purchase for many, but it’s easy to get caught up in all the fun and luxury one can provide and forget just how dangerous a pool can be. Without an effective safety barrier in place, you’re at risk of having that dream turn into a nightmare. Fences have been used to safeguard properties for centuries, and dedicated fencing for a swimming pool should be a top priority if you’re looking to take the plunge. Swimming pool laws Here in the UK, we don’t have any laws or legislation regarding barriers for private swimming pools. Some…

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Types of Fences and Their Best Uses [Infographic]

All fences provide additional security, privacy and protection to a property. In addition, you can paint all types of fences to add your own decorative touch to your property, too. However, each type of fence holds its own unique characteristics, making some more suited to specific circumstances than others. Here, we’re going to look at each type of fence and where they’re best used. The main uses of fences include: protection, security, privacy, stop wind, stop noise, decoration, support for climber plants, separation.

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