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Our Coronavirus Business Update (May)

After a few weeks of closure to protect our employees and customers, Harrow Fencing is planning to reopen both of our branches on Monday 11th May. Our service will introduce new measures and precautions to offer continued protection to employees and customers while operating business-as-usual.  Everyone’s health and safety still remains our number one priority, and as such, we shall be putting appropriate measures in place during this period of reopening. These include:  Social distancing: We shall be adhering to government advice and guidelines by enforcing social distancing rules at both of our depots. This will include ensuring everyone stands 2 metres…

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Anti-Climb Paint Vs Anti-Climb Fencing

Protecting your home from intruders begins with choosing the most effective outdoor security measures. Popular choices include anti-climb paint and anti-climb fencing, both designed to make climbing into or around your premises more difficult. However, you may be wondering which is more effective and whether you should invest in paint or fencing to deter would-be criminals.  In this article, we explain the difference between these two techniques and explore the pros and cons of each.  What is anti-climb paint?  Simply put, anti-climb paint creates a slippery surface when applied that makes it near-impossible to achieve a grip on the said surface….

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Top 5 Ideas for Unused Garden Sheds

There are roughly around 11.5 million sheds in UK gardens across Britain, and it’s safe to say that most of these are used for nothing more than storage. It doesn’t have to be this way though. When the team at Harrow Fencing see an old garden shed, we see an opportunity for something better, not something to knock down or get rid of! If you’ve got an old garden shed but you’re just not sure what you want to use it for, take a look at these 5 ideas below.   A micro home If you’ve not heard of this trend…

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How to Prepare Your Property for a New Pet

Every pet owner has feelings of both excitement and nervousness when they bring their new pet home for the first time – this is natural, as you want the animal to be comfortable, safe and happy in your care. The best way to ensure they settle in easily is to be prepared, so we have made a list of our advice on preparing your home for a new pet, so that you can welcome your new best friend without any worries.  Choose a pet-friendly fence One of the main things you need to consider when preparing your property is the fence…

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Why Bow Top Metal Railings Are a Good Choice for Schools

Safety is an important consideration for schools, and one of the main ways to ensure pupils are protected is to install bow top metal fencing on the premises. To learn why bow top fencing is our recommended choice for school fencing, have a look through the list of benefits and our advice on why it is imperative to properly secure your school. What is Bow Top Railing? Bow top metal fencing gets its name from the signature rounded top of the railing, but it is occasionally referred to as hairpin fencing or hoop top fencing as well. This design is often…

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5 Signs You Need a New Garden Shed

If your garden shed is getting old, has weather damage, or you haven’t checked it in a while, it may be time for a new one. Deteriorated sheds can be dangerous, so check through our list of signs to look out for, so that you don’t put yourself in harm’s way, or waste money on trying to fix a lost cause. Looks old and dingy If you have had your garden shed for years, then chances are it is starting to look pretty run-down. Even if your shed is reasonably well-maintained it can still look dated, and an old, dingy shed…

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Winter-Proofing Your Wooden Decking

Extreme winter weather, such as ice, heavy rain, snow and freezing temperatures, can all dramatically affect your wooden decking. It is important to be prepared before winter sets in, so carry out maintenance and preventative measures on your decking to ensure you won’t have to pay a hefty repair bill after winter. Maintenance to complete before winter: Cleaning Clean the deck on a relatively nice day, so that wind and rain aren’t going to immediately ruin your hard work. Sweep it first to remove all the leaves and dirt, and then scrub the wood thoroughly with a bleach-free cleaner to get…

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Metal Gates Vs Wooden Gates: Which One Should I Choose?

A quality gate is a must-have for any property, as they can provide security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. The two main types of gates are metal and wooden gates, and both have their own benefits and can improve your home in unique ways. So you can decide which one is best for you, this article provides a comprehensive list of pros and cons for each.    Wooden gates Pros Traditional style: Wooden gates have a classic look. They are aesthetically appealing, and bring a touch of warmth and homeliness to your property. These gates can also suit the majority of houses, as…

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Can a New Fence Increase the Value of Your Home?

If you are looking for a simple way to improve your home’s market value, an impressive, new fence may be the answer. However, it is important to choose the right fence, and make sure the fence has a purpose which will appeal to prospective home buyers.  What is the purpose of the fence? A well-maintained garden fence, installed by professionals, can increase the value of a property by about 20%. However, a fence will only increase the value of your property if it has a relevant purpose, such as increasing security, privacy, keeping pets in, or upgrading and modernising for aesthetic…

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4 Reasons Why You Need Garden Decking

Installing a deck on your property creates a focal point in your garden which is ideal for summer barbeques, lazy Sundays and classy evening dinner parties. There are a variety of perks to adding decking to your garden, and we have listed them so you can make an informed decision on how to improve your outdoor area.  Flexible outdoor area Adding timber decking to your back garden creates a flexible space that is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities. A deck is a safe place for children to play, and the perfect spot for you to simply relax on a…

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COVID-19 update

We are re-opening for business from Monday 11th May - our normal business hours will be 07:30 AM-4:30 PM Monday to Friday & Saturdays as per each depot timings. Please be aware that we will be operating under the government guidelines.