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Can a New Fence Increase the Value of Your Home?

31 October 2019

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If you are looking for a simple way to improve your home’s market value, an impressive, new fence may be the answer. However, it is important to choose the right fence, and make sure the fence has a purpose which will appeal to prospective home buyers. 


What is the purpose of the fence?

A well-maintained garden fence, installed by professionals, can increase the value of a property by about 20%. However, a fence will only increase the value of your property if it has a relevant purpose, such as increasing security, privacy, keeping pets in, or upgrading and modernising for aesthetic appeal. 

It would be unwise to simply build a new fence on your property for the sole purpose of increasing value, as it may not have the effect you are looking for. For example, if your potential buyers are families which are likely to have pets and children, then a large, secure fence would be very beneficial. Make sure that the addition of a new fence is going to be that extra perk which will convince buyers to invest in a higher-priced property. 

Types of fences which will add value to your property:


A modern, stylish garden is a definite selling point for any property. Giving your garden a fresh new design, with an entertaining area, and some easy-to-maintain plants, will do wonders. A significant part of a garden’s aesthetic appeal is the fence, so try to choose one which adds to your home’s architectural style. You may not realise how much an old, drab fence is bringing down the look of your garden, so even just upgrading to a new one will improve the appeal drastically. If you install a new fence for your front garden it can also improve kerb appeal. 


Potential buyers will be attracted to tall fences, as they increase privacy and security for the home. The garden will immediately feel safer when it is enclosed, as it is simply harder for anyone to get in, or see in. This especially attracts parents, and they won’t be afraid to pay to ensure the safety of their children. 


Don’t make the mistake of installing a cheap, mediocre fence in an attempt to improve value, as this may degrade the property instead. To ensure the fence is an asset to your home, use a durable, good quality fencing material, such as wood, concrete or cast iron. These materials will also make the fence seem more secure, as it will be a solid, strong barrier. 


You may already have a tall, good quality fence on your property, but this will not make your home more attractive to prospective buyers unless it has been well-maintained. So if you are not planning to sell your home any time soon, make sure to look after it. With wooden fences, it is a good idea to stain or seal it to prevent rot, and with iron fences, make sure you wash them regularly and remove any rust or corrosion. 

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