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Types of Fences and Their Best Uses

24 August 2022

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All fences provide additional security, privacy and protection to a property. In addition, you can paint all types of fences to add your own decorative touch to your property, too. However, each type of fence holds its own unique characteristics, making some more suited to specific circumstances than others. Here, we’re going to look at each type of fence and where they’re best used. At Harrow Fencing, are leading fencing suppliers in and around Harrow, we have a wide range of fences to choose from. We’ve highlighted some of our most popular types of fences alongside their domestic and commercial applications.

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Types of Wooden Fences and Their Uses

Wooden fences have been used for centuries, and remain popular today because of the availability, affordability and attractiveness of wood. They are a great way to ensure privacy and security and improve the general look of your property.

Larch Lap Fence Panels

Larch lap fence panels are a budget-friendly type of fence panel made using thinly sawn slats which run horizontally across the panels. Often known as overlap fencing, these fence panels are often used in domestic settings as replacements for fences that are wind-damaged or rotting.

They are ideal for:

  • Enhancing privacy in gardens
  • Budget-friendly fence installation
  • Separation
  • Preventing wind and noise (due to lack of holes and gaps)

Trellis Fencing

Trellis fence toppers are ideal to add to existing fence panels to customise the appearance of your fence and increase the privacy and security of your garden. Whether it’s a domestic garden trellis or a trellis for a commercial space, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this decorative garden feature.

Ideal for:

  • Decoration
  • Support for climber plants
  • Separation
  • Increasing privacy without blocking light
  • Extending fence boundaries

Continental Fencing

Continental fence panels combine the best of traditional fencing panels and trellises with the design of them originating from mainland Europe.

Ideal for:

  • Privacy
  • Stop wind & noise
  • Separation
  • Garden decoration
  • Creating boundaries in café garden seating areas
  • Support for climber plants

Close Board Fence Panels

Closeboard fence panels are tough wooden fences popular for their strength, versatility, and timeless aesthetics. They are highly cost-effective and can compliment a wide range of domestic and commercial garden designs and landscapes.

Ideal for:

  • Keeping pets safe in garden
  • Privatising property/businesses in urban areas
  • Wind blocking
  • Privacy
  • Noise blocking
  • Separation

Types of Metal Fences and Their Uses

For security purposes, metal fencing is superior to any other material, offering a stable and versatile option to keep your commercial or domestic property safe. There are a variety of metal fencing options, each with their own ideal uses. This article looks at the different types of metal fencing available, and what they are best used for.

Steel Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade fencing is ideal for those that require high-level security for their premises or home. Palisade fences provide superior protection, with a range a height options to choose from, and at affordable prices. This type of fencing is popular with industrial properties, but can also be used in a domestic setting to restrict certain areas or if vandalism and crime is a serious risk factor.

For premises requiring a high level of security. Protects the property and, due to the sharp, pointed ends, prevents people entering by jumping over.

Some common uses of steel palisade fencing include:

    • Security fencing
    • Restricted areas e.g. septic tanks
    • Power block
    • Railway Lines
    • Domestic homes

Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire mesh fencing is a versatile and cost effective fencing option that can be used for many applications. Mesh can be ordered in a range of heights and mesh sizes, ensuring the perfect design can be found for any need.

This type of fencing is popular for use as a security measure and deterrent for vandalism, but can also be used for a range of other premises such as a garden fence, or even sports ground mesh fencing where a taller height than average and visibility is required.


  • Commercial security
  • Domestic fencing
  • Sports grounds
  • Parks
  • Pet fencing/chicken coops

Bow Top Railings

Bow top fencing’s lack of rough or sharp edges, or dangerous gaps or holes, makes it a popular choice for public areas. It is an aesthetically pleasing type of fencing with low maintenance needs, but still provides adequate security as it can still be difficult to climb over.


  • Ornamental railing
  • Child-safe security fence
  • Playgrounds
  • Schools
  • Public spaces e.g. parks
  • Clifftops


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