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Latest News Types and Uses of Garden Sheds & Summerhouses All Year


Types and Uses of Garden Sheds & Summerhouses All Year

Types and Uses of Garden Sheds & Summerhouses All Year-700px

Types of Garden Sheds

Garden sheds provide the perfect way to utilize your outdoor space.

Potting sheds – To keep your plants safe and healthy.

Workshops – Dedicate an area to a hobby or storage space for lesser used items such as tools.

Garage – If your home isn’t fitted with a garage, garage sheds can store your car securely and safely.

Summerhouses – Perfect place for relaxing, or entertaining guests, any time of the year.

Models can include verandahs, Georgian style architecture and finishes, roof canopies, and panelled windows.

Playhouses  – Place for your children to play, without spending their time in the outdoors elements.

Animal housing –For your dogs, cats or rabbits. You can also use it to protect animals from foxes. Also, the number of people keeping chickens in recent years to get organic eggs has increased.

Top Uses for Garden Sheds & Summerhouses All Year

Summerhouses are a great addition to any garden, providing the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.

Parties – Decorate the inside with fairy lights for added atmosphere, and consider investing in patio heaters if it will get a little cold later on in the evening.

Relaxation – With some insulation and cosy blankets, your summerhouse can provide the perfect setting to relax.

Meditation/ Yoga room –Decorate the garden shed with objects that induce relaxation such as a buddha statue. You can keep your yoga mats always in the garden shed

Gym – Using your summerhouse as a designated gym space will allow you to store weights without cluttering up the house.

Crafts room –Designating the summerhouse as your crafts room means you don’t have to worry about tidying up when you’re done.

Kids’ sleepovers – Load the house up with cosy blankets and pillows for the perfect sleepover setting.

Decorating Ideas for Garden Sheds and Summerhouses

Make your garden shed or summerhouse feel more unique and stand out rather than letting it fade into the background.

Paint it – Getting creative with paint can create some striking results.

Choose a theme – Decorating the interior to carry the theme all the way through.

Add a patio – Adding a patio area in front of the shed or summerhouse can create a calm, relaxing spot from which you can enjoy the rest of your garden.

Clever storage – Decorate your shed with your storage solution in mind which can include:

  • storage wall for your tools
  • colour coded storage walls for different categories of equipment
  • kit out the floor space to create a section for bulkier equipment (eg. lawnmower)
  • a desk or reading nook
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