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Repair vs Replace: is it time to replace your old damaged fence?

28 November 2014

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Your fence is key to your property, not only does it protect your garden and perimeter, it also has an aesthetic value helping to enhance your property overall. It’s for this reason that you need to take good care of your fence, repairing it where necessary or replacing it when you feel the time is right.

So when is the right time to repair, and when is it best to replace your fence? In this article we will look at both approaches to fence care.

Repair vs Replace: is it time to replace your old damaged fence?


If your fencing has sustained damage in any way then you might want to first look at whether you can perform some simple repairs for your fencing to bring it back to its best. This isn’t always the best idea though, and we’ll deal with why later on.

  • Rot & Mould

All fences will be subject to attracting mould and if you catch it early (when you see the wood start to accumulate a green fuzz) you can usually clean it away before it really takes hold.

When it comes to rot however, the wood usually becomes unworkable. Professional fencing companies won’t attempt to repair rotten fences as it isn’t cost effective and they don’t recommend patchwork for the same reason.

  • Wobbly Fence Post

Another common fault people find with their fences is that their fence post has become unstable. This can happen for a number of reasons but it can be repaired by sinking a repair spur 600mm into the ground alongside the post to put it back into place, you can then concrete these into the ground and bolt them together for a sturdy, vertical hold.

  • Loose Panels

Loose panels can be a real pain, especially when it gets windy at this time of year. If your wood is still in good condition then you might be able to reattach it or create a quick fix by nailing it in, but this really is a temporary measure.


There comes a time when every fence has had its day, you might be tempted to try and repair it but you will either simply be putting a plaster on mortal wound, or you may make the situation worse. In this instance it would be more beneficial for you to replace part, or all of, your fencing.

  • Rot & Mould

If rot has set in on your fence all over, your patchwork skills won’t help as the integrity of the wood will make attempting anything impossible. You can, however, replace particular panels, and by replacing all your panels you guarantee that you won’t face the same problem a month or so down the line.

  • Wobbly Fence Post

When you have a wobbly fence post this could be because you have a broken post. There are no repairs which can salvage a broken post, you simply need to replace the post to make it secure again. You could attempt the repair spur, but if several posts have broken it isn’t very cost effective and replacements are recommended.

  • Loose Panels

When you discover a loose fence panel, it won’t be long before a gust of wind takes it out completely. A quick repair job could help but it probably means you require a replacement fence all round – especially if you opted for a cheap, poorly fitted fence – so it might be better to save yourself some time and invest in something new.

If you require replacement fencing, or if your fence can’t stand up to the test of the weather this winter, contact us at Harrow Fencing today. Our professional fencing services team will be happy to help and can offer advice on choosing the right fence for your needs so contact us today.

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