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Buying Guide: Choosing a Fence For Your Home

20 October 2014

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You might think that choosing a fence is a simple task, but with so many varieties to choose from it can be difficult to decide. The important thing to remember is that you’re spending your hard earned cash on something which should improve your home and garden, so ensure you consider all your options and decide what it is you want from your fence.

In this buying guide we’ll detail the different attributes people look for in their garden fence and tell you which fences could match up to your requirements.


One of the most popular reasons people have garden fences is for privacy. Our homes are often flanked by other properties and without a fence you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable enjoying your back garden in summer. Even when a road runs along the side or back of property, your privacy can still be encroached upon by prying eyes, pedestrians and the neighbourhood kids.

If you’re desperately in need of fencing which offers your back garden privacy, then look no further than traditional fence panels and close board fencing. These will help to stop any nosy neighbours peering into your garden and your home.


Another top requirement for people when considering their fencing options is the security. People want to know that their property is safe from would-be intruders and professional criminals – the safer your home feels the less you’ll worry.

There are a few options open to you depending on how your property lies. With steel palisade fencing, you get a real deterrent and robust protection but compromise on looks – this option might possibly be better for properties bordered by a school or business to stop people trespassing. Fence panelling can also provide security and is ideal for homes surrounded only by other homes as they do the simple job of creating a secure barrier.


For some people the aim of purchasing a fence is to spruce up their property and add a decorative border for their home or garden. This might be because they’re looking to sell and feel some fresh fencing could entice potential buyers, or because they simply want to refresh their existing fencing for something easier on the eye.

Whatever the aim, trellis fencing or continental fencing would be perfect. You get all the benefits of fence panelling but with the added bonus of some decoration. This makes your garden feel more homely and relaxing, especially when you have guests over.


With children and pets there is an added emphasis on safety, children need to be protected from running off into any nearby roads and pets need to be kept within the boundaries of their family home. For these purposes there are fencing options available which will put your mind at ease.

If you have pets, such as dogs or perhaps even chickens, you can keep them within the enclosed space of your garden. This is achieved with chain link fencing or wire mesh fencing. If you need something a little less industrial-looking for children then why not consider bow top railings. These railings are curved on top and come in a range of colours, ensuring your child can play freely without the fear of them running into nearby roads and other hazards.


To find all of these fencing supplies or to discuss your particular fencing requirements then simply contact us here at Harrow Fencing today. Our professional team will be happy to help find you your perfect fence.


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