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How to Choose Your Fencing Colour

20 January 2016


Applying protective varnish on a wooden texture

Selecting a new fence colour for your garden can have a big impact on the overall look and style of your home, so it’s useful to do some in-depth research before committing to one fence. For example, here at Harrow Fencing, we provide our durable close board fencing in a range of colours, so knowing what will suit your home best is important when selecting your fence.

To help you with this, we’ve listed a few tips for choosing the right fencing colour for you below.

Consider your home’s style

The style of your home should have a big impact on the colour fencing you choose, as you want the two to complement each other. If your home is a traditional cottage or ‘country-style’ design, lighter colours such as natural or white may suit you best. Likewise, farmhouses are well suited to darker shades such as oak stains, adding to the rustic feel of the home.

It may be useful to look through gardening brochures to see what types of houses have different colours of fencing – match these to your own home for a better idea of what will suit your own style.

Think about the surroundings

Unless you are deliberately putting a fence in as a main feature, most people would prefer a colour that blends into the surrounding area and will not be an eyesore to look at. Natural wooden fences look great in gardens with a lot of greenery and foliage, for example, whilst brighter colours could complement colourful features or any flowering plants in the garden.

Get creative!

For a better picture of what different coloured fences will look like in your garden, take a few pictures of your house and current fence and print them out. Colour over the current fence in different shades for a simple way to narrow down your choices. Of course, our team here at Harrow Fencing are always on hand to show you the different finishes we offer and provide advice when needed.

Review any policies or regulations in your neighbourhood

It is beneficial to double check that your neighbourhood does not have any restricting policies with regards to fencing colours – some may have these regulations in place to avoid items looking out of place with the surrounding area.

Consider your neighbour

Finally, to avoid any conflict, check that your neighbour is happy with your choice if the fence is to be shared between you. Afterall, they have to look at the fence as much as you!

Here at Harrow Fencing, we provide a range of sturdy fencing choices for both domestic and commercial properties. Our extensive selection of colours for fences ensures there is something to suit every style. 

For further information, contact us here at Harrow Fencing today and we’ll be happy to assist you. Our expert team are always on hand to share their knowledge.

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