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Types of Garden sheds

Garden sheds provide the perfect way to utilize your outdoor space. They can act as simply a storage container for gardening equipment, tools, unused belongings, or even used to work on a hobby or relax in the garden.

Here at Harrow Fencing, we supply a large range of sheds to suit everyone’s needs; We’ve listed some of the garden sheds you could get for your garden here.

Types of Garden sheds

Potting sheds

For a place to keep your plants safe and healthy, a potting shed is ideal. The structure has glazing on 3 sides to capture extra sunlight throughout the day, promoting healthy growth amongst your greenery. Our models combine practicality in the form of options for glass roofs, seed trays and lockable doors, with contemporary finishes to keep your shed looking appealing in your garden.

Workshops & garages

Garden sheds are a great place to dedicate an area to a hobby or storage space for lesser used items such as tools and DIY equipment. Here at Harrow Fencing, we supply sheds suitable as workshops or storage sheds in a range of sizes. From the traditional ‘apex’ garden shed that comes complete with lock and key to keep your belongings safe, to our largest ‘Barnwell’ model. These spaces provide the perfect place to keep items safe, and even create some space for tinkering in your spare time – freeing up valuable space in your garage for your car.


If your home isn’t fitted with a garage, fear not, because our Garage shed features an up & over door and is wide enough to store your car securely and safely. This garden shed features no floor, so requires a concrete base to support the weight of your car; providing the perfect space to keep your car safe and even store a few more additional items that won’t fit in the house any longer.


Last month we discussed the multiple uses for a summer house in your garden, and with the models we supply, you’re sure to find a structure that suits your requirements. Our range of summerhouse models can include verandahs, Georgian style architecture and finishes, roof canopies and panelled windows.  These structures provide the perfect place for relaxing or entertaining guests, any time of the year.


If you’re looking for a place for your children to play, but not have to spend all their time in the outdoors elements, playhouses could be perfect. Playhouses provide a separate area for your children to have of their own, without you having to worry about them messing up the house! Your children are sure to love the playhouses we offer, with options for verandahs and even split levels.

Animal housing

There has been an increase in the number of people keeping chickens in recent years due to a more mindful approach to organic eggs, and it’s important to keep your chickens safe from outside elements or predators such as foxes. Our chicken coops provide the perfect
space for your chickens to be safe and at ease in your garden. Likewise, our kennel and run structures are perfect for keeping your pet safe when they have to be outdoors.

Here at Harrow Fencing, we pride ourselves on the high-quality range of wooden sheds and summerhouses we provide. We also offer an installation and delivery service, ensuring your shed can be installed easily and efficiently.

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