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Choosing the Right Fence When You Have Pets

15 February 2016


Choosing the right fence when you have pets

Choosing the right fence for your home requires many considerations, including the most suitable style, how secure you need your fence to be for your home, and ensuring you and your neighbours are in agreement over any shared fences.

However, if you own pets, you will also need to consider them when choosing your fence in order to keep both them and other people safe. In this article, we’ve looked at a few top aspects to consider when purchasing a fence for your home and garden.

Fence Height

If you have a large dog, it’s important to consider the height of your fence to make sure they can’t simply hop over it. If you live near busy roads or public areas, your fence needs to be high enough to keep your pet from jumping over it and running around alone where they could be in danger of a collision with traffic, theft, or becoming a danger to other people.


Your fence’s main purpose is to provide security for your home and garden, so choosing the most appropriate style for you and your pet is essential. Not only will a fence keep your pet safe, but it will also keep others safe too.

Animal safety

Unfortunately, some pets can be targets for dognapping, with the theft of pedigree dogs common where they can be sold for a high profit in certain areas. It’s important to install a secure fence to keep your pet safe when playing outside, and to reduce the risk of them being taken while outdoors.

Likewise, keeping a boundary around your garden means there is no way for passersby to tease or agitate your dog. A traditional wooden fence is ideal here, providing the perfect barrier for your pet to enjoy their time outdoors in your garden, without their safety or well-being threatened by others.

People safety

If you own a dog specifically for security purposes, or know that your dog can become agitated or aggressive when scared, it’s important to choose a fence that will create a boundary between them and other people.

It can be easy for an accident to happen, or someone to be hurt or bitten if your fence is too low or allows strangers to touch your dog through the panelling, so ensure that your fence is secure and provides a suitable barrier.

Chewing & digging habits

Even the tallest of fences are not immune to the chewing and digging a young dog can get up to unsupervised! If your dog has a habit of chewing or digging his way to freedom, a tough wire mesh fence may be the best option for you, whilst chicken wire can be placed underground, providing a barrier even if your dog does do a spot of digging next to your new fence.

Here at Harrow Fencing, we supply quality fencing in a range of materials to the larger London area. We also provide a prompt delivery service, ensuring your fence reaches you swiftly.

For more information about the best fence to suit your requirements, feel free to get in contact with us today. Our experts will be happy to advise you, and answer any queries that you may have.

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