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How Do I Make My Garden More Private? 

8 February 2021

Privacy wooden fence with concrete slabs

Do you feel like you can’t relax in your garden? Or perhaps you want to create a sense of ‘place’ with a little more privacy? With more of us spending time indoors, the garden has become a haven away from home, and it makes sense that you want it to be as private as possible. In this article, we’ll explore how to create privacy in your garden so you can enjoy your green spaces to their full potential. 

Why Is Garden Privacy Important?

  • Focus: In warmer months, many of us will be taking the laptop outside to work – or even erecting a home office in the shed or under awnings. It stands to reason that a more private, secluded office space away from prying eyes will improve focus. 
  • Relaxation: The simple fact is that when we’re being watched, we find it harder to relax. Perhaps your garden is small and close to your neighbour’s? Or perhaps it backs onto a main road or street? Whatever the reason for your discomfort, a little bit of privacy when you’re chilling out in the garden is always welcome. 
  • Security: Prying eyes are not always unfriendly, but it’s best to shield the contents of your garden as best you can so as not to tempt would-be thieves. 

How Do I Make My Garden More Private?

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So, let’s take you through some ideas to improve garden privacy that you can easily implement. 

Grow a Green Screen

If you favour all things natural, then choose a green living wall to separate your garden from the outside world. This can be as traditional as a beautifully-shaped hedge or you can explore more creative options. Structures such as trellis fences, arbours or even pergolas can be taken to the next level with climbers and other foliage adorning them. This not only creates a stunning centrepiece for your garden but can also give the privacy you seek while honouring nature in a stunning way. 

Keep It Classic with Fencing

A classic wooden fence is a must-have piece for any garden. Crafted from durable, natural wood or composite products, fences give your garden that sought-after structure and privacy while still bringing a softness that complements an outdoor space. Fences are also very easy to personalise and can be coloured and treated in a way that suits the rest of the garden design – patterns and trellis tops are also available for those who prefer a more decorative touch. 

Build a Covered Seating Area

Patios and decking are typically the places to dine al fresco, but they may feel a little exposed. Create some cosy seclusion by erecting a roofing structure overhead, whether that’s a cloth awning that pulls from the house or a wooden living roof. Enhance the sheltered effect by placing large potted plants or living trellises around the outside to create ‘walls’. These homey additions help the seating area to feel more tucked away and, ultimately, more private. 

Create Your Own Hideaway

If you’re seeking a space to study, relax or dine then why not consider a whole new structure? No longer are sheds dusty places full of old tools – in fact, they can become a whole outdoor room and extra living space. Whether you fancy a cosy reading nook or an office away from the noise of the house, building an outdoor shed or summerhouse is a great way to get privacy. 

Make a Multileveled Paradise

If you’re starting from scratch with a complete garden landscaping project, it’s wise to weave in privacy from the very start. As well as including fences, living walls, hideaway-structures and cosy seating areas in the design plans, you can also consider transforming your outdoor haven into a multi-levelled paradise. Constructing terraces, walkways, steps and other multi-levelled design features really is a breathtaking way to add depth, excitement and privacy to your garden. 

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