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How to Look after Composite Decking in Winter 

15 December 2020

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Strong, sturdy and durable to the elements, there’s a reason why composite wood is popular for outdoor spaces. And while composite decking is very low-maintenance and weather-proof, there are still a few things you can do when the colder weather sets in to protect its quality. 

In this article, we’ll take you through how to take care of composite decking during winter to keep it looking its best, all year round. 

5 Winter Maintenance Steps for Composite Decking 

The beauty of composite decking is that it requires very little maintenance, and is resistant to mould, warping, cracking, fading and staining. This makes it a step up from regular wood decking, but it still isn’t invincible and shouldn’t be entirely neglected over winter. 

Luckily, pre-winter care for composite decking is very simple. Just follow these steps:  

  • Store away decking furniture: Chances are, you won’t be spending much time outside in winter. As such, store away your decking furniture in a shed or garage to protect it from the elements. This way, it will stay in good shape and remain free from weather damage leaving your decking clear for the next steps in the process. 
  • Give it a brush: Autumn brings fallen branches and wet leaves which may settle on your composite deck. Brush these away in good time before winter. Wet leaves or debris can become slippery and also ruin the look of your deck, sometimes even leading to staining if left for too long. A stiff brush should do the job, and ensure you get between the gaps. 

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  • Wash it: If your deck is still looking a little grimy, or debris is trodden in and stubborn to shift, you may want to opt for a pressure wash. To prevent damage to decking, don’t hold the pressure washer too close – about 15 – 20 cm away should suffice. Also, try not to linger for any longer than a few seconds on each patch. If you don’t have access to a pressure washer, using warm soapy water, a soft-bristled brush and some elbow grease can work too. 
  • Get equipped to remove snow: Should we be lucky enough to get snow this year, you need to be ready to remove it from your decking. Allowing it to languish on your deck can result in a trip and slip hazard, especially if it hardens to ice. It may also cause damage to the deck itself. A shovel can remove the bulk of the snow, while salt and calcium chloride products can help to melt away the more entrenched patches. 
  • Make repairs: Composite decking is a famously hardy material, but after many years, you may see some wear and tear developing, either naturally or from knocks and bumps after years of use. Get these repaired or replaced with fresh boards before the cold weather sets in, as chilly temperatures, along with precipitation, can worsen existing problems.

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