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How to Convert Your Shed into a Home Office 

12 March 2021


wooden garden shed

COVID-19 has forced many of us to get inventive with home working – and some of our home ‘studies’ may be less than ideal for productivity and performance. That’s not all – home working is predicted to continue in some capacity long into the future, even after the pandemic is over. As such, it’s wise to create a permanent and dedicated home office – and a shed could be an easy answer on your doorstep, without taking up any space inside your home. So, let’s explore some key steps to convert a shed into a home office. 

  • Planning

Overwhelmed with where to start? A plan will set your mind straight. Write down everything that you want and need from your shed office, including decoration, space, colour schemes, layout etc. Consider if there’s anything special your particular space will need, for example, a whiteboard, coffee station or space for multiple computers. Get them all down on paper, and if you’re DIY-savvy enough, start making some drawings with measurements. Also, most sheds will not require planning permission if they stick to certain guidelines – check with your local council if you’re unsure. 

  • Choose a design 

It’s at this stage the fun can begin – choosing a design. You may prefer a sleek, modern Scandi look or a more traditional, log cabin vibe. Before you convert, you may wish to browse what’s available on the market to get inspired. You’ll also want to consider how much space you will need, and design around this consideration. Even the tiniest shed can become a home office, providing you don’t want to add too much storage, seating or other facilities. You may wish to consider knocking a wall through and extending your current shed to make it bigger. 

  • Assess the shed’s condition

Your brand new office will need to be a comfortable place to work that promotes productivity and concentration. Therefore a drafty old shed with cobwebs in the corners and a wobbly table just won’t cut it. Be realistic about its current state. If there are lots of repairs or touch-ups that need doing, it might be preferable and more cost-effective to simply get a new shed. This way, you can start with a blank slate rather than adapting what you currently have. 

However, if you would rather convert what you’ve got, consider what needs to be done to bring it to dwellable standards. This might involve replacing panels that are suffering from damp, mildew or mould, or weatherproofing the roof, or putting down more comfortable flooring. 

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  • Heating and insulation

A home office needs to be comfortable all year round – even in the grip of winter. This is not only for your benefit, but in the interests of protecting your electronics and papers from damp or adverse conditions. Therefore heating and insulation will need to be incorporated, along with weatherproofing measures. Insulation has a double advantage of acting as soundproofing, too, helping to muffle noises from neighbours or roads. 

  • Get connected

A modern office needs internet connection and a source of electricity. For safety reasons, only a professional electrician should be assigned to kit out your shed office with sockets and an electricity supply. Consider how many sockets you will need based on your devices, or any appliances you plan to keep in there too e.g. fridge. When it comes to WiFi, you can either look into WiFi boosters to help the home WiFi reach your shed. Alternatively, you could consider powerlines or running an ethernet cable underground. 

And of course, you need to protect your eyes with adequate lighting. While you may have no issues seeing in the summer months, you need to be prepared for winter when the sun sets early. 

  • Decoration

Finally, make your shed a home from home. Personal touches and decorations transform a home office from a basic cookie-cutter space into a productive room that is bursting with personality. Plants, painting, decorations, pictures, rugs, furniture – however you choose to style your shed, you can be sure it’s a place you’ll want to spend a lot of time. 

Are you seeking timber to do up your shed? Or do you want a brand new shed to work from home? The team at Harrow Fencing can help. We provide a wide range of robust garden sheds in a variety of style options, so simply get in touch with our team for more information. We serve customers across our local area of London, Harrow and Hillingdon. 

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