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5 Things You Never Knew About Fences!

25 March 2016


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Fences are used every day, providing a secure barrier to protect property or homes, or to mark out the boundaries of land – but did you know that the history of fences dates as far back as the days of prehistoric man?

The use of fences in our everyday lives goes back centuries, acting as one of the key indicators of a growing culture of civilisation for humans. Here at Harrow Fencing, we love knowing everything there is to know about our products – so we’ve listed 5 interesting facts you never knew about fences before!

The main alternative to fences is to install your very own moat!

When fencing first became a dominant feature in societies, the main alternative to building a fence was to dig into the ground a create a ditch or moat around your entire home. Thankfully, that trend has now died out!

Fences were instrumental in defining private property

Fences were one of the biggest steps humanity made to claiming land as ‘private property’, creating a boundary around what is defined as ours. Before this, disputes over land would have been far more confused, defined by word of mouth rather than a physical marker. Fences contributed massively to a collective acceptance of each person’s personal possessions.

A fence for defence

These days, fences are most commonly used to indicate private land, and to create a secure barrier around a premises. This use is a diluted form of the fence’s history as a form of defence from attack. In the days of prehistoric man, fences would first be used to defend villages from other cultures attacking.

It all began with farming

Fences are built for a range of commercial and domestic uses now, but originally they were mostly seen in agricultural land to protect farmland and contain animals. When agriculture became more dominant in society, fences were used to define farmland – outlining where crops were grown and taken care of. Likewise, before the introduction of fences, livestock would roam freely, which could be dangerous and inconvenient. The popularity of the fence today is all thanks to how it was utilized to fence farm animals in.

The biggest fence of all!

Most people are familiar with the biggest fence in the world – the Great Wall of China. The construction of the wall dates all the way back to the seventh century BC, with it stretching over 13 miles across China. Surprisingly, the width of the wall is only a few times wider than the average garden fence!

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