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4 Reasons Why You Need Garden Decking

12 September 2019


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Installing a deck on your property creates a focal point in your garden which is ideal for summer barbeques, lazy Sundays and classy evening dinner parties. There are a variety of perks to adding decking to your garden, and we have listed them so you can make an informed decision on how to improve your outdoor area. 

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Flexible Outdoor Area

Adding timber decking to your back garden creates a flexible space that is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities. A deck is a safe place for children to play, and the perfect spot for you to simply relax on a deckchair and feel close to nature. Decking is incredibly versatile, it can be used around ponds, pools, water features and even under pergolas. 

Decks are also ideal for an outdoor dining and entertainment space, you can add fairy lights for warm summer barbeques and cover it with a shade sail to shelter you if it rains. If you have a sloping garden then a split level or elevated deck can make the uneven terrain accessible. Once you have invested in some tasteful decking for your garden it is sure to become an integral part of your lifestyle.

Durable and Long Lasting

Timber decking is hard-wearing, and if the materials are good quality, it has a long lifespan. A deck is also a practical choice for outdoor seating as it supports heavy weights easily without any damage. The best materials to use for your deck are hardwoods such as cypress, cedar and redwood, as these have a resistance to extreme weather, mould, and insects. This means they will last a long time without needing extensive maintenance. The deck would only require the occasional vacuum or sweep, and an annual varnish if you want it to stay extra fresh. 

Natural Aesthetic Appeal

Another perk of adding a deck to your back garden is the natural timber aesthetics which compliment and blend in with the surrounding garden. A deck has a much subtler and softer impact in comparison to paving and concrete outdoor areas, and looks stylish as well. With decking, there are a variety of design options for you to choose from, so you can pick something which will suit your garden. 

Perhaps you could stain the wood the same colour as your shutters, or paint it to match the rest of your decor. If gardening isn’t your forte, then a beautiful, classy deck will be the stand-out piece in your garden and impress guests just as much as flourishing plants.  

Affordable and Adds Value

Decking is an inexpensive addition to your home, and yet it actually increases the value of the property as well. Decks are a sought-after feature for homebuyers, especially if they have a big family, as they add square footage onto the house and create the image of an idyllic lifestyle. 

The price of building a new deck is much less than paying for other house renovations, and some experts say that installing a deck adds more value than a new living room or bathroom. Also, if you are solely looking at improving the outside of your property, then timber for a deck is much more affordable than paving. 


If you would like to invest in a new deck for your garden, then Harrow Fencing Supplies are the right choice. We have over 50 years’ experience and are experts in the timber industry, operating across Harrow, Hillingdon and the surrounding areas. For more information on our range of decking, contact us today

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