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Why playhouses are good for kids’ development

15 February 2022

Playhouses | Harrow Fencing Supplies

A playhouse is more than just a garden structure. To your little ones, it’s a castle in the sky or a submarine in the deepest oceans. And did you know? Playhouses are actually hugely beneficial to the physical, social and imaginative development of children, making them an essential in any family garden.

So, let’s explore a little more exactly why playhouses are good for our children.

What is a playhouse?

Playhouses are safe, mini houses constructed in gardens for children to play in and have fun. They’re essentially a dedicated place for children to spend time outside, rewarding them with shelter, a place to themselves and fuel for their imagination. Playhouses are usually constructed from high-quality wood and come in a variety of styles, colours and constructions to suit the needs of your family.

Why do children like playhouses?

Think back to when you were a child. Chances are, it only took a glimmer of inspiration to spark a game or story. Playhouses are the perfect partner to a child’s imagination, a physical place where a child can explore and develop their creativity – and all in a house that is totally their own!

There is no limit to what a playhouse can become in the mind of a child – a witch’s den, a pirate ship or maybe even a magical kingdom. And giving a child that special place to play works wonders for their imaginative and creative development as they grow older.

But exactly what is it about imaginative play that is so beneficial?

What are the benefits of imaginative play?

A dedicated place to act out multiple scenarios and lives can develop lifelong skills that can help children become well-rounded adults.

Benefits of imaginative play for children include:

  • Improved collaborative, sharing and social skills with siblings and friends
  • Instils a sense of responsibility and independent decision-making
  • Encourages exploration and problem-solving, and challenges them to push the boundaries of their comfort zone
  • Provides privacy and freedom to be themselves and behave creatively

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What are the physical benefits of outdoor play?

It’s a sad fact that the rise of smartphones and electronic devices has meant our children are spending increasing amounts of time indoors, staring at screens. And while this is fine in measured amounts, it’s vitally important that your children are getting outside and enjoying the fresh air and freedom.

So here are some physical benefits of outdoor play:

  • Improved motor skills, balance, coordination and agility
  • Develops muscles and bones and allows for normal development
  • Cardiovascular exercise to improve heart health and reduce likelihood of obesity
  • Exposure to beneficial vitamin D from sunlight
  • Awakens the senses and develops curiosity about the great outdoors
  • Better awareness of self and the environment, including the natural world

And what’s even better is that a child can achieve all of this from the comfort of their own home, in total safety and under supervision.

How old should children be for a playhouse?

The answer to this depends on the design of the playhouse. Some will be suitable for children with ages ranging from 3 to 8, while others will be suited for a wider age range of 3 to 12. Simply ask the team here at Harrow Fencing about what playhouses we have available and what ages they would be suitable for.

Treat your children to their very own playhouse with help from Harrow Fencing. Giving children an outdoor space to call their own is excellent for their physical and imaginative development – and our team provides a wide range of sizes, colours and styles of playhouse to suit any family.

Just get in touch today – we serve homes across Harrow, Hillingdon, London and beyond.

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