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Why metal garden railings are perfect for your front garden

17 March 2022

metal garden railings

Simple, elegant and low-maintenance, there are many reasons why metal garden railings are becoming increasingly popular everywhere from home gardens to school playgrounds. Also known as bow top railings or hoop top railings, their modest yet contemporary design makes them a great way to balance security with style.
So let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of metal railings for a home garden.

metal garden railings

5 benefits of metal garden railings for your front garden

Paint them any colour

Make your metal railings an integral part of your garden by painting them a colour that suits the ambience of your outdoor space. Whether a plain black or metallic grey works just fine, or you want to keep it calm and natural with more earthy tones such as greens or beiges, the choice is yours. This customisable quality means that railings can become an attractive feature of any garden.

Safe and secure

Metal railings are an excellent, sturdy choice as a secure boundary for your property, keeping your assets and family safe. Situating them in your front garden sends a clear message to passers-by and, often, just the mere presence of railings can be enough to deter would-be intruders. This makes them the perfect balance of an easy security tool as well as a beautiful border for your garden space.

Does not obscure the view

Fences make sense for back gardens, but their tendency to block out light and views can make them an unappealing choice for front gardens. That’s why metal railings are favoured instead, as their gapped, minimalist and see-through design means that you get all the benefit of a security border but without affecting the view. Light will also easily be able to filter through without being blocked out by a tall fence.

Excellent lifespan

Durability means longevity, and that’s especially true of metal railings as they are built to last many years with minimal maintenance. They are also less likely to be damaged by vehicles or other blunt force, so you’ll spend less time repairing faults, too.

Easy to maintain

Metal is known for its strength and hardiness. Keeping your railings in top quality condition will therefore require very little maintenance and will simply be a case of touching up scratches and marks with a bit of paint every now and then. Make sure to give them a visual inspection every few months to check for any loose parts or peeling paint, and also just to keep tabs on their general condition. Railings are also incredibly easy to install, especially with help from a specialist company such as Harrow Fencing.

metal railings

Pair your property with the highest quality railings, available from Harrow Fencing. We’re the go-to supplier and installer of rails and fences for Harrow, Hillingdon and London, bringing both security and beauty to your property. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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