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What is the UK Law Concerning Fences and Gates?

25 April 2018

Harrow Fencing Supplies

When you are making alterations or additions to your property related to fences and gates, you should make sure you are aware of the regulations and laws surrounding such work. Planning permissions cover a wide variety of construction work and keep your building in line with national and local guidelines. Most people will not know what kinds of work require permissions and which do not, so we’ve put together these guidelines to help you understand how fencing and gates can be affected by such rules.

Rules and regulations

Planning permission regulations are in place across the whole of the UK and, although there can be some differences between county guidelines, there are some rules which are generally relevant countrywide. You will require planning permission for:

  1. Fences which are over 1 metre in height and are next to a road, or the footpath of a road
  2. Fences which are over 2 metres in height in locations other than a)
  3. If you intend to build a fence and your home is a listed building or borders a listed building
  4. Putting up a fence if you live in an area which has been designed with open plan front gardens
  5. Putting up fencing if you live in an area with restricted planning conditions, such as conservation areas, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), National Parks, or similar

If you don’t need to submit a planning application for work, this will be because such building work is covered by permitted development rights. These rights extend to taking down, altering or maintaining an existing fence or gate on your property. Generally, in such instances, you won’t need to apply for permissions, provided you aren’t increasing the fence height in the process. Permitted development rights are granted nationally, however, some areas such as conservation areas, AONBs, National Parks and World Heritage Sites are excluded from these rules and restrictions may well be in place.

Permission and authorities

If you wish to build a fence or gate and your plans or property fall into a category which will require permission, you will need to contact you Local Planning Authority (LPA). Your LPA has the power to authorise works which might otherwise be restricted. Equally, they may deny your application or only grant approval if specific design or style criteria are met.

If you are unsure about your circumstances and require guidance, your LPA will be able to offer information and advise you as to any permissions you need and restrictions in place in your area.

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