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Simple Shed Storage Hacks & Solutions

28 August 2018

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If you want to get the most out of your garden shed, it is critical that you keep it well organised. Sheds can be a very useful space – whether you use it as a place to store outdoors items, as a workshop, or something more unusual – provided you don’t let it become overrun and messy. No matter how you use it, a garden shed will always become a more functional space when it’s been organised effectively. So, to help you arrange your shed successfully, we’ve put together some clever storage hacks.

Shed Organisation Diagram with Numbers
1. Shelves
Utilizing wall space is a great idea when it comes to organizing. Installing shelves along your shed wall will allow you to store smaller items in boxes and jars – which you should label to help you find things – whilst making the most of your vertical wall space. Whether you nail shelves to the wall or re-purpose an old bookshelf, this will be a an invaluable addition.

2. Jars under shelves
A good idea for keeping little bits and bobs together and contained is to keep them in old jars. A nifty method for keeping these out of the way is to glue the metal lids to the underside of a shelf. This way, the jars are kept elevated thus not taking up shelf space, you can clearly see the contents and you can easily screw the jar safely into place.

3. Pegboard for tools
Tools lying about can quickly clutter your shed, not to mention pose a hazard if they are stepped on or knocked off a ledge. Installing a pegboard wall is a wonderful way to keep tools organised, easy to find and well-kept. Simply add in hooks or pegs where you want to hang each tool and – voila – your wrenches, pliers, hammers and screwdrivers have a safe and tidy new home.

4. Hooks for gardening tools
If your gardening tools are piled together higgledy-piggledy, they’re probably taking up unnecessary room as well as potentially getting scraped, misshapen and worn prematurely. Simple hooks attached to your shed walls are a great way to organise gardening tools. S hooks are good for smaller tools like trowels which may just have a hole through the handle whereas standard coat hooks are ideal for larger ones like spades and rakes.

5. Fold down bench
If you want a workbench or table in your shed but don’t want it taking up room, installing a foldable one is a clever solution. Attach a table top to your shed wall on hinges so it can lie flat against the wall when not in use or be raised and propped up with sturdy legs or trestles when you want to work.

6. Racks on ceiling
To create handy extra storage space, an innovative idea is to make use of your ceiling. For infrequently used items, storing them up and out of the way on the ceiling can be the ideal spot. If you’re a DIY fan, plywood boards can be used to create sliding storage for boxes with a wide rim; alternatively, readymade roof racks can be bought in all manner of sizes according to your needs.

7. Hang hose outside
Regardless of how neatly you coil up a hosepipe, you can often find that next time you come to use it or go into your shed, it has come loose or somehow gotten tangled up. Why not organize your hose and free up interior space by mounting a hose tidy to the outside of your shed? Garden hose hangers aren’t pricey and a rack to wrap the hose round will ensure it’s kept orderly and you avoid a trip hazard.

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