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7 Things to Know Before Installing a New Fence

19 January 2018


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Before installing a new fence, there are many factors you should consider to ensure longevity and to also select the best fence for your requirements. A new fence is an investment, contributing to the overall look of your property, and so it is important you do your research and are prepared before beginning any work. To help you ready yourself for a new fence, the experts at Harrow Fencing have put together some top preparatory tips.

What do you want the fence for?

Before you decide upon the type of fence you want, you should give thought to what you want it for. Do you want to enhance privacy or create a solid perimeter around your garden to keep in pets? Maybe you just want to establish an attractive border around your property. Whatever your desire – and often this can be a combination of factors – establishing this will help you select the best fencing for your home.

Make sure you know your boundaries

It’s important to make sure you know where your property boundaries lie when installing a perimeter fence. Just because there’s an existing fence or your current neighbours are okay with where the fence sits, that doesn’t mean it is right. To avoid potential problems down the line, consult your property survey which should have been completed before you moved in. If significant changes have been made since then, such as new homes built nearby, you may want to organise a new survey. Not only will the survey confirm boundaries, it should also show if there are pipes or cables to avoid whilst digging.

Local authority rules about fencing

Before making any final decisions about the type of fence you go for, it is worth checking with your local authority as to whether you will be subject to any restrictions. Rules may influence what kind of fencing is allowed for your area or property, particularly if it is listed. Restrictions may involve the height, look or placement of a fence so it’s worth checking prior to any work or purchases.

Style and customisation

One of the more fun decisions to be made will be regarding the style and look of your new fence. Consider fences which will complement the style of your property, whether you want horizontal or vertical panels, traditional or continental styles, and more. You also have the potential to customise your fence with features like trellis tops and different wood stains.

Consider your neighbours

Before finalising your fencing choices, it’s worthwhile consulting with the neighbours who will be sharing the fence about your ideas. If they are not happy with the style or height, which could block their views and impact their property, this can cause problems. Be reasonable and make sure that you are clear about property borders and who the fence belongs to, or if it is shared.

Whatever the weather

When installing your fence, make sure that you dig the holes for the posts deep enough and that they are sufficiently anchored with concrete. A good rule of thumb is to dig a hole depth equivalent to a third of the fence height, so posts for a 6ft fence should be anchored in holes at least 2ft deep. What’s more, make sure you have enough posts to support your fence panels – the further apart they are, the weaker the fence will be. When carried out properly, these factors will ensure your fence is sturdy and will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, including frost and high winds.

Factor in entrances

Consider where you want to incorporate entrances within your fence, particularly if it is to entirely encompass your property or garden. Give thought to the type of gate you will want and ensure the gap you leave will be big enough for your needs – for example, enough width for all potential vehicles, garden equipment or even just space to take your bins out.

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