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How To Hang Flower Baskets On A Wooden Fence

2 September 2022


flower basket hanging from wooden fence

With the warmer months never too far away, you might be considering brightening up your wooden garden fence with a bit of colour. A good way to do this is by hanging up some vibrant flower baskets or pots. They’re an eye-catching way of bringing a touch of decoration to your fence, while also saving you valuable space on the ground. 

So in this article, we’ll be exploring some common solutions for how to hang flower baskets and pots on a wooden fence for a beautiful final result. 

How to hang flower baskets and pots on a wooden fence 

There are several simple bits of kit used to hang baskets and pots, and all can be bought online or in your local DIY shop. So let’s explore them. 

Fence Hooks

A cheap option is to simply go to your local DIY shop, or browse online, and purchase fence hooks. As a straightforward contraption, just hook one end over the top of your fence, and pop your basket or pot on the other end. 

Pot Clips 

Did you know you can buy specialist pot clips, also known as pot brackets, from DIY shops or online? They are specifically designed to mount your pots easily, and come with screw holes and a hook or clip part that fits the lip of a pot perfectly. And what makes them even better is that the pot and its contents will hide most of the bracket itself, giving your flower arrangement the illusion of being suspended in space. Any part of the clip that’s not hidden can easily be painted for a seamless look. 

Hanging basket brackets 

Another way to hang flower baskets on wooden fences is by using basket brackets. These not only look elegant but are also usually made of metal for guaranteed strength. Easily painted and pleasing to the eye, most will require a bit of drilling to erect, so make sure you select a strong part of the fence to install these on, for example, the support posts. There are some alternative options you can purchase too, which do not require drilling. These will have a metal band that ‘hugs’ the top of the fence post to provide the support needed. 

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