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Secure Your Property With Anti-Climb Fences

24 May 2016

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A fence should act as a distinct barrier for entry to your garden and home, but sometimes you need something extra to discourage and, ideally, stop people from climbing up and over your fence.

Types of Fencing

It’s easy to make whatever kind of fencing you have into an effective anti-climbing measure. You don’t necessarily need to pick and choose different types of fencing to ensure deterrence, you can modify most types of fencing to suit your needs. These often come in the forms of:

  • Toppings
  • Natural defences
  • Anti-climb paint

Clever use of these options can help secure your property by acting as an effective and immediate deterrent.


A typical panel fence is a strong base on which you can add numerous security measures to warn off intruders and make it much more difficult for them to gain access to your property. The trellis topping can be used to support thorny shrubs which immediately act as a visual deterrent and will also make intruders think twice once they come into contact with them. You should take note that the trellis topping section of the fence will be strong enough to hold a plant or two, but will likely break when faced with the weight of an intruder. If the fence is public facing or attached to a neighbour’s garden, the noise of such an occurrence could act as a ‘last line of defence’, alerting you or anybody around to the activity. It is, of course, best not to rely on this, but it is something to keep in mind.


A full trellis fence will be easier for someone to climb but there is much more space to support those thorny bushes to make the task of gaining a foothold that much harder. Trellis fencing, predictably, is weaker than panel fencing and will collapse when scaled by an intruder. Investing in a heavy duty trellis would be a smart move. You should make sure that any trellis fence you install is securely and firmly fixed (to make you fence anti-climbin place so that any potential intruder can’t just pull sections off at will.

Anti-Climb Paint

Applying anti-climb (or anti-vandal) paint to your fence is an easy way to set up a constant measure of security. The paint is non-drying and makes any surface it is applied to harder to grip and to climb. Especially effective as a deterrent when used in conjunction with anti-climbing and general warning signs, anti-climb paint also works after contact, as it is tough to remove or clean off. This means that any would-be intruder is left marked, theoretically making them easier to find and identify by police and passers-by.

Metal Fencing

For dedicated, stronger security options it is useful to look into metal fencing. Mesh fencing with anti-climb paint is an effective combination, commonly used in schools, and would be ideal for perimeter protection and for securing equipment that might be on show, perhaps dedicated outdoor zones where items are frequently on display. Combining these with warning signs will help ward off intruders. Deterrence is important, it would obviously be best to dissuade people from climbing your fences altogether, so making them aware of the potential consequences could work a charm.

You might also want to supplement your fence with CCTV and security cameras. This is much more practical for a business property, but showing that you have taken the time to think about these kinds of measures could be the deciding factor in putting off an intruder or vandal.

Being aware of all of these strategies is vital to preventing crime and loss to your belongings and property. You don’t have to break the bank to set up deterrence and you certainly don’t have to aggressively arm your toppings to make an effective anti-climb fence. Just make sure to keep in mind what a potential intruder might be looking for. Keeping away easily climbable items – wheelie bins, boxes etc – from your fences is vital. There’s no use taking measures to secure your fence if someone can easily jump right over it.

Professional Help

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