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Ideas for Decorating Sheds and Summerhouses

28 July 2016

Harrow Fencing Supplies

A garden shed or summerhouse can be a great addition to any property, but plenty of people do not put enough effort when it comes to the overall aesthetic appeal and decoration of sheds & summerhouses.

This month, we thought we’d take a look at different ideas when it comes to decorating your shed or summerhouse, to make it feel more unique and stand out rather than letting it fade into the background.

Lick of paint

Sometimes the most effective way to freshen up your shed or summerhouse is to get your hands on a tin of wood paint/stain or two. Getting creative can create some striking results, and there are plenty of colours specifically for outdoor timber that you can use to great effect.

If it’s been awhile since you last touched your shed, putting some time in with the paintbrush can save it from becoming a dilapidated looking structure in the corner of your garden and turn it into an eye-catching spot you can be proud of.

Choose a theme

In keeping with the above point, why not take it further and theme your shed? It can start with the paint job, and expand through general decor and the makeup of the interior to create a space that’s not only useful for storage, but also provides pleasant surroundings when you want to grab a few tools or work on a project.

For summerhouses, it makes even more sense to go the whole hog and really get into decorating the interior to carry the theme all the way through. You will likely be spending more time in one go in the summerhouse, so adding decorations to create a theme inspired by your own tastes and interests will make the time you spend inside it even more enjoyable.

Add a patio

Your shed doesn’t have to be nestled away, waiting to be used every now and then when you need to find an axe or store some boxes, it’s a part of your garden and should be treated like one. Adding a patio area in front of the shed or summerhouse can create a calm, relaxing spot from which you can enjoy the rest of your garden.

Some patio chairs, a table, some hanging baskets or plants and even a lamp or two; if you have the space, a patio area is a great way to utilise it.

Clever storage

There are many cases where the shed that was once used as a neat storage box for garden equipment and tools, slowly became a ramshackle repository of old rubbish which became more and more out of hand as time went on. Your shed might have some useful bits and bobs inside, but how much of the stuff you keep in there is genuinely useful?

One of the handiest ways to decorate your shed is to do so with storage in mind. Perform a clearout and put everything you want to keep to one side, then you can think about how to best use the interior space.

Creating a storage wall for your tools is the best way to keep track of all your equipment, and helps save you a lot of floor space. You can have colour coded storage walls for different categories of equipment, and if you plan correctly you will be left with an incredibly neat storage shed, with shelves only as big as they need to be, and only the essentials enjoying pride of place on the walls.

You can then kit out the floor space as you wish, perhaps creating a section for bulkier equipment like your lawnmower, or even adding a desk or reading nook which you can use when you want to relax or get some work done in private.

Decorating your shed for efficient storage opens up plenty of opportunity and is a clever way of keeping things from devolving into an unmanageable mess, so it is definitely worth the effort.

Harrow Fencing Supplies Ltd provides high quality sheds and summerhouses to customers in Harrow and Hillingdon. With a variety of styles and sizes available so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes and requirements. All our sheds and summerhouses are built to last, and our professional team offer a comprehensive installation service, so get in touch today and we will be happy to help with your enquiry.

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