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DIY Fence Installation Vs Professional Fence Installation

11 June 2021


Men installing fence together installing a fence

You’ve decided to treat yourself to a brand new fence. But now the big question – should you install a fence yourself or call in the professionals? 

Both choices have their upsides and downsides, so let’s explore them in this article to help you decide whether it’s worth dusting off the drill. 

Men installing fence together installing a fence

Should I install a fence myself? 

Several factors need to be considered before making this decision, so let’s take a look at the main pros and cons. 

DIY fence installation – the pros

  • Cheaper: The major advantage of any DIY project is, of course, saving on labour costs. Only paying for the materials and tools shaves a fair amount of the final project price, making it very tempting to opt for DIY fence installation – especially if you’re handy with a drill.
  • Sense of accomplishment: For some people, DIY isn’t a chore, rather it’s a hobby and challenge to enjoy that brings a sense of accomplishment if pulled off successfully (emphasis on the word if). 

DIY fence installation – the cons 

  • Mistakes might be made: The simple truth is that if you’re not a professional at fence installation, then you’re more likely to make mistakes. Pitfalls could include not having the correct tools, inaccurate measurements or calculations, and just lacking in the finesse and finish that a professional team can offer. It’s normal to make errors in DIY, but just be careful it doesn’t mean a complete redo. 
  • Time-consuming: Researching, planning and building all by yourself is a lot more time-consuming than the quick efficiency of an expert installation company. So, if you’ve not got much time to spare, DIY fence installation can become something of a time-consuming burden to the average homeowner. 

Professional fence installation – the pros 

  • Expert installation & final finish: You’re not just paying for labour – you’re paying for years of expertise. Hiring specialist installers therefore guarantees a high level of professional quality that a DIY finish may not be able to match up to. Professional installation is therefore a better option for those who want to be assured of a perfect final finish. 
  • You can relax: The above pros combine to bring you an overall more relaxing experience, knowing that the materials, installation and final finish are all being taken care of by somebody who knows what they’re doing. 

Professional fence installation – the cons 

  • More expensive: Of course, paying for labour will cost more than doing it yourself, and so if you’re somebody who is on a really tight budget, you may want to pursue DIY options before hiring out a team. 

And remember 

Whether you’ve decided to brave a DIY fence installation, or you’re playing it safe with the professionals, either way you’ll need high-quality materials to create a stunning, long-lived feature for your garden. If you’d like to learn more about the main things that should be considered prior to installing a new fence, check out our 7 things to know before installing a new fence, blog article.

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