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Child-Friendly Fences

27 October 2016


Child friendly fences - Harrow, Hillingdon - Harrow Fencing

For families with young children just about every decision you make will take into account their safety, and that is especially important when it comes to choosing fencing for your property.

Besides providing privacy and visual appeal to your home, fencing is also an essential safety feature, especially when kids are involved, so this month we’re looking at child safety fences and how fencing can help protect your children in a number of different ways.

Potential dangers

Fences can be a vital child safety feature for any property or area, offering a sturdy barrier which will protect children from many potentially dangerous situations. In gardens, this can be anything from stopping children running out into a busy street, to protecting them from thorny bushes or loose rocks. For public spaces like playgrounds, fencing helps create a safe, contained play area which is separated from potential hazards which might exist nearby.

Play area fencing

Dedicated play areas need proper fencing to keep children safe. The abundance of toys and equipment in use at any one time can make play areas highly active places, so the main goal is to find fencing that successfully keeps children inside safely without letting them – or their toys – escape outside. A play area without fencing can easily lead to children chasing after balls or riding carelessly on scooters or bikes directly into danger, so a strong fence is required.

Bow top railings are a good choice here, as they provide a very sturdy barrier without the fence itself posing a threat to the children – the bow top leaves no vertical spikes or points, and the fence itself offers high visibility for parents to keep an eye on their children from a distance.

Nursery fencing

Small children are prone to wander and if left unattended for one second can find themselves exploring places you’d rather they stayed away from. For outdoor nursery areas, a metal fence will likely be too much. Instead, try a wooden palisade fence to keep young children safely in place while keeping the nursery looking nice and welcoming. Timber palisade fence panels can have rounded tops to make them completely safe for children, and, again, make it easy to keep an eye on them from elsewhere in the garden or even from inside the house.

Pool or pond fencing

If your garden has a water feature like a pond or a swimming pool, a fence will be vital to keep children safe from accidentally falling into the water. Metal fencing – like tall wire mesh or bow top – will be the best choice for pools, making it difficult for older children to climb over them, helping to prevent nasty accidents which could occur if the pool is unsupervised or not supposed to be in use.

A similar solution will also be ideal for ponds. Bow top railings are especially suited to this purpose: they are difficult to climb over while standing at a comfortable height for you to enjoy your pond without having to get too close.

General garden fencing

Your garden as a whole can be a fun, exciting place for children, but it can also be dangerous if you’re not prepared. Fencing is a great way to improve the safety of any garden, and wooden fencing in particular is a popular garden solution. Close board, continental or traditional fence panels can all shelter your garden in privacy, creating a safe space for children without having to worry about outside influences like dangerous stray animals or strangers.

Garden fencing can also work both ways, offering protection to your garden or property from playful or curious children – without posing a threat to them. If you’re growing delicate flowers or some vegetables and would rather your children not trample all over them, fencing the area off is an ideal way to keep kids at bay, all without damaging the visual appeal of your garden.

Professional fencing

Naturally, to gain the most out of your fencing solution, it’s always best to make sure that it comes from a reliable, professional supplier and is installed by experienced workers who can ensure the highest levels of safety for your property.

Timber fencing needs to be treated thoroughly from the outset or it could end up suffering damage from rot, making it unstable and incredibly unsafe for children, so it’s always best to discuss your specific needs with a knowledgeable, experienced team to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want without compromising on quality.

We can help you find the perfect child safe fencing solution here at Harrow Fencing, just get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be on hand to provide all the advice you need.

For fencing solutions throughout Harrow and Hillingdon that offer reliable safety for your children, get in touch with the friendly team at Harrow Fencing today. We stock a wide range of metal and wooden fencing solutions, and our own workshop can design fencing specifically suited to your requirements. We also offer an expert installation service, where we install your fence to meet our own high standards of safety, no matter the size, scale or location.

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