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High-Security Fencing

29 November 2016

Wire Mesh Fencing

Security is a principal consideration for any property and one that should be kept in mind at all times. It’s vital to think about security throughout the entirety of your commercial or industrial premises, but the perimeter of your property needs particular attention.

Dedicated security fencing has proven to be an incredibly effective deterrent, and is a must for any property in need of protection from intruders, criminals or vandals. This month, we’re taking a look at high security fencing; how it can help protect your property under various circumstances where standard fencing just won’t do.

Types of security fencing

Metal fencing is by far the best kind of fencing when security is involved but there are a few differences between metal security fencing to suit different buildings and different purposes.

The main three kinds of metal security fencing are:

Steel palisade and wire mesh fencing are the more high security measures, while bow top railings offer a more medium security solution, but all three have their uses.

Uses for high and medium security fencing

The type of fencing you need will very much depend on the kind of premises in question. Different security measures are necessary for different buildings, so take into account the kinds of threats you’re looking to keep away.

For most industrial applications, the high security solution of steel palisade or wire mesh fencing will be best. This doesn’t just go for warehouses or factories, they also suit other applications such as for railway tracks, prisons and airports.

High security metal fencing is often used for safety reasons, creating a solid, hard-to-breach barrier around areas where public safety is at risk. Steel palisade and wire mesh fencing are perfectly suited to this kind of application. Not only are these fences tough to climb over or bypass, but they also make for an imposing visual deterrent. Steel palisade fencing in particular is associated with danger, so installing it on your property can send an effective message to would-be trespassers.

Threat protection

Petty vandals and thieves aren’t your only concern, especially with more high profile locations where sensitive information or particularly valuable items are stored. High security perimeter fencing will be the first line of defense for more extreme threats, such as acts of terrorism. Data centers and large scale areas like airports, for example, require thorough perimeter protection so as to limit unwarranted access as much as possible.

High security fencing is designed to fight against forceful access. They offer substantial height, and can prove dangerous for anyone willing to attempt climbing over them. The metal construction is also sturdy, handily standing up to brute force which will likely deter most criminals. If it doesn’t deter, the time taken to break through the fencing will be enough for your other security measures to take effect, severely limiting the freedom of any thief or criminal.

High security additions

A fence alone shouldn’t be the only security measure for your property. You can easily strengthen your perimeter further by planning your security needs properly. CCTV coverage along your perimeter is recommended, as is manned security checkpoints and gates. Also think about electronic access control, so you can limit who is and isn’t allowed past your perimeter from the beginning.

A fully effective security solution combines many different aspects, but a high security fence will be key, often forming a solid foundation upon which you can add to as the need arises.

Visual appeal and security

For buildings or areas more in the public eye, visual appeal will also be important. Accounting for aesthetics doesn’t have to sacrifice security, however. For high security purposes, like schools, wire mesh fencing can provide a blend of both. Not as imposing or threatening as palisade fencing, often more subtle to look at, but still incredibly secure.

Low or medium security areas – such as in public parks, gardens or playgrounds – might value the visual appeal a little more, while still requiring decent security. Bow top railings are perfect here, fitting in nicely in all of these locations while creating clear and effective boundaries. Bow top railings are particularly useful where child safety is involved, often being installed around lakes or ponds. They form a secure perimeter while still being tough to climb over and hard wearing. They won’t suit the more high security locations we’ve already outlined, but are perfect for more public or low scale areas.

Harrow Fencing Supplies Ltd are one of Londons leading supplier of metal security fencing. We specialise in perimeter security and can help you find the ideal fencing solution to make your property as secure as possible. If you need high security fencing in Harrow and Hillingdon, dont hesitate to get in touch with us today we are always happy to help.

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