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Will snow damage my fence? 

20 March 2023


garden featuring a wooden bench, fence and tree with birdhouse, all of which is covered in thick blanket of snow

When snow strikes your garden, fence protection will be a priority. You might even be wondering, will snow damage my fence? 

To help you prepare for cold weather, this article will explore the question of how snow impacts a fence. We’ll also share essential fence care tips so that you can protect the quality of your outdoor space. 

Will snow damage my fence? 

Snow, frost and ice have the potential to damage a fence – but it entirely depends on what your fence is made from. 

Hardy metal fences, for example, are more likely to withstand harsh climates. However, most of us have wooden or PVC fences in our gardens, which can be more vulnerable to cold conditions. 

The moisture that comes with snowy weather can lead to rot or mould formation, as there is very little warmth or sunlight to dry this liquid out. Moisture on fences can also lead to expansion and shrinking of the panels, which may eventually cause cracks and breakage. 

5 ways to protect your fence in winter 

Luckily, there are a few easy ways you can prepare a fence for cold weather to keep it in the best possible shape.  

  • Repair first: If your fence is already in a state of disrepair, its ability to cope with the winter months will be significantly hampered. To avoid this, always make sure that any repairs, panel replacements and loose posts are fixed before the cold hits. 
  • Clean and seal: Wood is a porous material and so it needs a little help to keep out moisture. Regularly cleaning your fence to remove debris, mould and general dirt is a must, as these elements can find their way into cracks and crevices. It’s also paramount to apply a suitable sealer to your wooden fence panels to repel moisture and boost their durability. 
  • Watch out for soil movement: When the temperature changes, this can cause soil to shift. If this movement is significant enough, it can also move your fence posts. Hopefully, if your fence posts have been installed firmly by a professional company then this shouldn’t be a problem, but still make sure to watch out and address any issues if they arise. 
  • Clear away snow: This seems an obvious one, but try and clear away snow from the fence. Especially try to avoid snow piles from forming around the bottom of posts. Always keep an eye on the weather forecast too, so you can predict what’s coming, as the last thing you want is to clear away all the snow only for another snowfall to hit an hour later. 
  • Check for damage: Always keep an eye on the condition of your fence. If you stay familiar with its normal look and performance, you can pick up on problems more quickly. This way, repairs and preventative measures can be put in place swiftly, helping you maintain its structural integrity long into the future. 

By following these measures, you stand the best chance of protecting your fence. And remember, always have a trustworthy fencing expert on hand to help out if you need it. 

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