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UK Timber Prices and the Effects on Garden Decking

1 July 2019


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Decking has been a popular garden feature for many years. The wooden panelling, available in a range of designs, is used to provide an even, attractive foundation for outdoor events and activities. Garden decking is comprised of timber: the wood prepared specifically for construction and carpenting purposes. As the demand for timber fluctuates, so does its price, and this has a direct impact on the garden decking products and services that rely on it.  In this article, we’ll be exploring the state of UK timber prices and the subsequent forecast for garden decking.

Uk Timber Prices up to march 2019 — An Analysis

March 2019 is the end of the 18/19 tax year. According to the World Timber Index, the index was 26.8% higher in real terms (29.3% in nominal terms) in the year to March 2019, compared with the previous year. The lowest price of the year (EUR) was 1336.10. Despite this being the lowest figure since January 2017, prices of timber have generally been increasing over time. The average price for coniferous standing sales was £31.66 per cubic metre overbark standing in nominal terms in the year to March 2019, an increase from £24.64 in the year to March 2018. The average price for softwood sawlog sales was £65.23 per cubic metre overbark in nominal terms in the 6 month period to March 2019, an increase from £56.11 in the 6 months to September 2018 and £48.36 in the 6 months to March 2018.

Why are timber prices increasing?

Forests are shrinking. As the supply of forests shrink, so too does the supply of timber. Conversely, the demand for timber is getting higher. Rising temperatures linked to global warming have created a greater demand for outdoor comfort. This only looks to be continuing over time, meaning the price of timber is forecast to continue increasing.

What does this mean for garden decking?

Garden decking prices are also forecast to increase, in line with rising prices of timber. If interested in purchasing garden decking for yourself, now would be the best time to do so, as prices are unlikely to decrease any time in the near future.

Garden decking trends

Another reason to purchase garden decking right now is because it is in trend. Specifically, certain styles, colours and designs are set to make a splash throughout 2019.

Colour contrasts are a focal part of this. Grey tones remain popular, but they’ll now be partnered with a range of contrasting colours. This will breathe new life into contemporary garden decking without overpowering the garden.

The upcoming year is set to feature extra components to compliment garden decking. Many wooden garden deckings are being paired with sleek, glass balustrades or decorative water features.

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