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Types of Wooden Gates

25 January 2017

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Privacy, security and visual appeal are all key concerns when it comes to your garden. A fence is a great start, but you’ll still need something to properly cover the various entryways into your front, back or side gardens. That’s where wooden gates come in.

Like fencing, there are a number of things to think about when it comes to choosing a wooden gate – largely depending on where you’re expecting to have one installed. In this article, we’re looking at wooden gates and the kinds of things you might need to be aware of when finding one for your home.

Which wooden gate?

The first thing to do is to figure out where you’d like a wooden gate installed on your property. Do you already have somewhere in mind? Every property is unique, and some places require different gates to cover multiple areas. Some types of gates are better suited to one purpose than another, so figuring out which gate is best for you can take some time.

Typically, the gates around a home are designed for:

  • Front garden entrances
  • Driveways
  • Back garden entrances
  • Path entrances
  • Side garden entrances

You can also have a wooden fence designed to fit in seamlessly along your existing wooden fence.

Functions of wooden gates

The basic function of any wooden gate is to create more privacy and security on your premises. The location of the gate will influence the overall design and features required. For front entrance gates in more urban areas, where public access is easier, you will likely opt for something which is either reinforced for added security or has a natural heft to it.

Privacy will be important to, and close board gates are a good option here; they prevent passersby from seeing into your property, while a framed, ledged or braced design provides effective structural support.

Reinforcement is important when security is the main concern, so you will want to make this a key factor for any front or back entrance gates. Frames, ledges and braces installed on the back of the gate create a sturdy, hard-wearing physical barrier that can stand up to force.

Driveway gates will require a similar approach; however, you don’t want them to be too heavy or imposing as they may need to be operated more regularly. With more room to play with, you can talk to your gate supplier to design a functional driveway gate that is not only secure, but also attractive.

Additional locking systems are a wise choice, and frames can provide a fantastic mix of aesthetics and security, but you can also choose a basic design which is slightly more welcoming. A curve or arch, or even a lattice top, can add some extra personality to the gate, and a range of finishes are available to provide a style that will perfectly suit your tastes.

How to decide what gate I need

Whether it’s a driveway, front, back or side gate, you should think carefully about the surrounding area and your own requirements. Remote countryside settings may value beauty over privacy, for example, with ranch style gates spanning larger entryways. More populated areas, or places where crime or vandalism might be a common issue, will have the opposite concern, with privacy and heavy duty security being critical.

Discuss your needs with your gate supplier, who will be able to provide specific advice and insight into your situation, recommending the most suitable gates for different areas of your property.

There are many different options for any gate solution, with reinforcement, latches and locking variations to choose from. So if you’re after a gate that provides security, privacy and convenience while fitting in beautifully with your home, make sure to get in touch with a professional timber gate supplier and discuss your exact needs with them.

Here at Harrow Fencing we stock, supply and install a range of wooden gates for customers throughout Harrow and Hillingdon. Our gates come in many different styles and sizes, with additional locking and closing solutions to maintain and improve security and privacy for any home. Our experienced team provide a swift installation service, and will work closely with you to help you find the ideal gate for your premises. For more information on all of our timber products and services, dont hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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