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The World’s Most Famous Fences & Walls [Infographic]

15 July 2019


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What makes a fence or wall famous? In some cases it’s their historical importance; they act as a reminder of previous socio-political conflicts and symbolise the ideological progress we, as national or global communities, have engendered following the subsequent resolutions. Others reside as geographical landmarks; their cultural influence often derives from a feature of consummate architecture or significant longevity. And for others, it’s because they’re covered in bras!

This article is going to explore some of the most famous fences and walls in the world. We’ll be discussing how and why each of these structures have gained the incredible worldwide notoriety they each bear today.

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The Great Wall of China

It’s only a myth that the Great Wall of China can be seen from space, but the myth itself, and the fact that many were willing to believe it, is still a testament to the wall’s sheer enormity. 

Construction on The Great Wall of China began all the way back in the seventh century BC and continued, albeit somewhat sporadically, until 1644 AD. It was originally a series of individual walls, built as defenses during various battles. When the Qin Dynasty rose to power, the separate parts of the wall were all joined up along China’s northern border to defend against invaders. Modifications and extensions were added to the wall over the subsequent two thousand years, including the Ming Dynasty’s 6000km long extension that makes up much of the current Great Wall seen and visited today.

The Dingo Fence

The Dingo fence was initially built during the 1880s in a bid to keep pests — primarily dingoes — from killing cattle and flocks of sheep.

The Australian fence stretches 5,614 kilometres and has gained notoriety for its incredible length; it is over three times longer than the Great Wall of China and currently presides as the longest fence or wall anywhere in the world.

The Lennon Wall

The global prestige of John Lennon and The Beatles is indisputable, and no wall better illustrates their reach and influence quite like the Lennon Wall in Prague, Czech Republic.

What originated as a single illustration of John Lennon following his death quickly grew into a canvas of artistic, inspirational and revolutionary graffiti. As notoriety of the wall grew, so did the art that adorned it. The wall soon became a hub for the people of Prague to express their cultural, political and ideological views.

The original portrait of John Lennon is lost underneath the many layers of paint that succeeded it, but the ideals he often preached— that of peace and love — echo louder with every new piece of artwork applied.

The Cardrona Bra Fence

The Cardrona Bra Fence of New Zealand, now a famous landmark, began its existence as entirely unremarkable. Modestly flanking a rural road in Cardrona Valley for most of its days, it wasn’t until 1998 when four bras, mysteriously appearing on the fence overnight, began to shape its prominent future.

The appearance of the four bras sparked further passersby to follow suit. By the end of February 1999 there were some sixty bras hanging from the wire fence. The local news decided to cover the story but it gained little traction, and the number of brassieres started to plateau.

In a shocking twist, the bras had disappeared one morning. A thief in the night, cunning and evasive, had reportedly been stealing them. This story did gain interest, and in a heroic act of defiance, women up and down the country arrived in Cardrona to add their own bras to the fence. The undergarments soon stretched far and wide, coining the fence’s new name and embellishing an otherwise dull landscape with a wall of colourful fabric. By early 2006, the number of bras attached to the fence had reached a whopping 800.

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Harrow Fencing believe a wall or fence can be a beautiful addition to a home or business. We aim to celebrate many of the famous walls and fences around the world, and hope they inspire others into appreciating the importance of the modest structures. If you’d like a fence or wall for yourself, take a browse of our website. We have a huge selection of products and services to offer, including wooden fences, metal fences and boundary walls. Simply give us a call to learn more.

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