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National fencing shortage creates black market

26 June 2014


Harrow Fencing Supplies

Here in the UK, we’re generally used to the blustery weather and can put up with the odd fence panel rattling in a storm. Recent storms that hit the country at the start of the year however, have had a bigger impact than anyone could have imagined. With so many people affected by the weather it seems that many gardens have been left with their fence panels blown down, destroyed or even blown away completely – and the floods haven’t helped matters either.

All this has created something of an epidemic, with homeowners across the country seeking to purchase new fence panels for their garden. Fencing is important for anyone with a garden because it offers privacy from roads and neighbours; no one wants to be having a barbeque with their neighbours able to see them from their living room.

In addition to this, we also take a sense of pride in the upkeep of our homes and gardens, with fencing a critical point right on the border of the property. It marks off where the land you own begins and can present an elegant feel to any home if maintained properly. Suffice to say, a home with broken or missing fence panels won’t look as good if you intend to sell your property.

So what is going on exactly? Well, with so many homes requiring new panels it seems that manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand. Forest Garden, a leading manufacturer of fence panels, has claimed that they can’t get enough wood to fill orders in time. The need, according to their sales department, is still rising, and although they have hired 100 new members of staff there is little they can do about the material shortage.

It would seem that no one could have predicted just how many homes would need to replenish their fences after such turbulent weather. With summer already upon us, many people will find themselves left fenceless in their garden, having visited DIY stores only to find that they are out of stock or the price has been boosted to rake in the profit on such an in-demand commodity.

Another way in which the shortage is having an impact is through criminal activity involving fences. You might find it strange to read, but there has been a rise in the theft of fence panels. Believed to be driven by the need for fence panels it’s created a black market of sorts, with innocent homeowners waking to find that any fences which have stood up to the weather have now been stolen.

The shortfall in materials has come from both a lack of home-grown timber and a lack of imported materials. Positive signs in the housing and building trade haven’t helped matters either, with new homes and new properties soaking up a large proportion of what fencing materials there are available.

Such a combination of circumstances couldn’t have been predicted and nor could their impact on something as seemingly stable as the fencing industry.

If you’re in need of quality fencing for your property to replace your missing or damaged fences in London, then look no further than Harrow Fencing Supplies. We cater to all needs and have a wide variety of materials to choose from with all our products plentiful in stock to meet demand.

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