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Concrete vs Wooden fence posts – which is better?

15 August 2014


Wooden Fence with Concrete Fence Posts

Your garden and property can always benefit from a fence but aside from choosing your panels there is a much more practical decision to be made. Do you choose wooden fence posts or concrete fence posts?

This is a question which many people ask, and although there is no certain answer, you can weigh up your options by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each one individually to find the best solution for your needs. Take a look below to see which of the two fence post types offers you the most benefits.

Concrete Fence Posts


Concrete fence posts are typically sturdier than any other variety and from this you can take peace of mind that your fence is now robustly supported.

With a more robust fence post also comes the knowledge that you won’t have to replace them any time soon. A concrete fence post can last for decades if kept in good condition.

There is little you’ll need to do to keep a concrete fence post in good condition as it doesn’t need as much attention once it’s been put in place.


With all of the advantages which concrete posts can bring there is the disadvantage of them being slightly more expensive than other post types.

Concrete is obviously one of the weightiest materials and because of this it makes concrete posts slightly more difficult to install – usually taking more than one pair of hands.

Wooden Fence Posts


Wood or timber can often be perceived as being more stylish and warmer when it comes to creating an attractive garden. It can often compliment additional features such as trees and decking.

Fence panels can be affixed to wooden fence posts which can eliminate the rattle in high winds which concrete fence posts might give if not securely fixed.


With any wooden material there is a far greater risk of splitting and rotting when it’s exposed to the elements. While this might not matter for panels quite as much it’s important that the posts are sturdy enough to ensure the whole fence serves its purpose.

Wooden posts often seem a little simple and basic looking, creating a bland perimeter around your garden.

Just as with your panels, your wooden fence posts will need more maintenance than a concrete post. Wood needs to be treated consistently to ensure it can stand up to the elements and last longer.

Weathering occurs on all materials but if you live in an area where your garden is exposed to high winds and lots of water or sea spray then your wooden posts will deteriorate a lot quicker. This means yet more expense when replacing posts more frequently.

Clearly both fence post materials have their advantages and disadvantages and it really depends on your budget and location, but for greater reliability and a long lasting solution which won’t require a lot of your attention then concrete posts just edge out the competition.

At Harrow Fencing we supply both wooden and concrete fence posts for domestic and commercial customers. Simply contact us today and our professional team will be happy to help.


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