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Latest News Wooden Gates: The Safest Choice For Your Home


Wooden Gates: The Safest Choice For Your Home

You will no doubt have worked hard to make your property look nice, taking pride in everything from your garden to your guttering, but what about safety? When it comes to providing ease of access as well as security, nothing works better than a wooden gate, nor does anything look nearly as good.

So what are your options for gates, and how do the different types impact your home? In this article we’ll look at gates and talk you through why wooden gates are the best to have fitted for your home.

Wood Over Metal

Choosing the right material for your gates is the first thing to think about. Many people opt for wooden gates as they offer a more natural look than other materials, but while there is beauty in wooden gates it does not mean that they aren’t robust. There is a reason wooden gates have long been a favourite for homeowners and why metal gates are used almost exclusively for commercial and industrial premises, it simply comes down to how people want their homes and businesses to be perceived.

Different Gate Types

There are a whole host of different gate types which can be installed on a property. What it really comes down to is the purpose you want the gate to serve, you should also think about the size of your property and the size of the gate you want to install to see if the two combine.

Swinging gates can be used for vehicle entrances as well as pedestrian entrances. You will need to ensure that there is enough space for the swinging arc of the gate but these are generally the most popular type of gate to be installed. Swinging gates can either be installed as single gates or as double. The double gate is better for vehicle access to a drive, while single door gates are better for pedestrian access or access down the side of a house towards the back garden. These gates can be fitted with a range of locks depending on preference.

Sliding gates offer a more graceful entrance but can be impractical if you don’t have enough straight lined areas to draw the doors back into. Sliding door gates are better suited for vehicle entry points and will probably only be useful with automation.

Here at Harrow Fencing we can provide wooden gates for your property, with gates in a variety of sizes which are ideal for public premises and private gardens alike. If you’re looking for a safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing wooden gate then contact us today and our professional team will be happy to help.

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