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What your fence colour says about you

12 April 2022


Child painting a fence

Are you a risk-taker who likes to keep people guessing? Or are you a people-pleaser who prefers to err on the side of caution?
Let’s take a look at what your fence colour says about you.

So, what does your fence colour say about you?

Natural wood – If you keep it classical with timeless wood, then you’re probably the sort of person who likes to play it safe and fit in with the crowd. Or maybe you might just enjoy a low-maintenance, no-fuss fence that leaves your options open.

Black – You’re all about making a statement and stirring the drama with this bold, modern colour. Chances are, you probably already have a few unusual accessories in your garden that this unique colour would be the perfect backdrop to.

Dark blue/grey – You want to stand out, as long as it’s done in a fashionable, sophisticated way. Being too wild or outlandish just isn’t for you. Instead, you’re all about the balance between being trendy but still not raising too many eyebrows.

Pastels – Pastel pinks, blues and oranges all tell us that you enjoy being an individual. You’re also probably a bit of a dreamer. A whimsical sort with a fun spirit. Somebody who isn’t afraid to make the weird and wonderful a reality.

Pale neutral – You’re stylish yet practical. You know full well that a pale and neutral-coloured fence is a great way to reflect light and brighten dark spaces, while still adding that contemporary touch.

Dark green – Let me guess. You’re a nature-lover who feels most at home planting in the garden or getting lost in the woods. A garden bursting with life isn’t enough, though – you also have to get your fence in on the green theme, too.

White – A neat, white fence is a sure sign that you’re a house proud and family-orientated person. Double points if it’s a picket fence. Neighbours are likely to see you watering the rose beds or dabbing at those pesky fence marks with a paintbrush.

How to choose paint for your fence?

Let’s get serious for a second.

If you feel it’s time for a fresh lick of paint, how do you actually go about choosing the right colour? Before you start perusing your choices, here are a few questions which you may want to consider:

  • What is your home and garden aesthetic currently like? What colour palette would fit best? Is there anything about your personality that you want to express?
  • Are there any rules laid out in local laws or deeds which prevent you from painting a fence a particular colour?
  • Paint can sometimes leak through to the other side of the fence, so have you discussed your plans with your neighbours?

We hope you found our trip through fence colours both interesting and insightful – happy painting!

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