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Top Uses for Summerhouses All Year

Summerhouses are a great addition to any garden, providing the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.

However, many homeowners assume that the summerhouse is limited for summer use only, and fear their investment will be wasted in the colder months. With a little planning and creativity, though, your summerhouse can be a space to be enjoyed year round! We’ve listed a few suggestions below.

Top Uses for Summerhouses All Year


Your summerhouse could be the perfect setting to hold a festive party around Christmas, hosting a birthday party, or just as an excuse to have a party! Decorate the inside with fairy lights for added atmosphere, and consider investing in patio heaters if it will get a little cold later on in the evening.


Who says summerhouses are only for the summer? With the addition of some insulation and some cosy blankets, your summerhouse can provide the perfect setting to relax and unwind in the evenings, and perhaps enjoy a view of the stars on a crisp winter night.


Working out at home is one of the most convenient ways of keeping fit and staying motivated to exercise – especially in the winter. Using your summerhouse as a designated gym space will allow you to store yoga mats and weights without cluttering up the house, whilst also providing you and the rest of the family with enough space to exercise safely and in peace.

Crafts room

Ever dreamed of turning that hobby or yours into a business? With the added space and quiet a summer house provides, you could do just that.

Designating the summerhouse as your crafts room means you don’t have to worry about tidying up when you’re done, things going missing, or finding the time to start projects. Your workshop will quickly become a haven for you to go to and get down to work whenever you want!

Kids’ sleepovers

If you’re not happy for your child to camp out in the garden with their friends, the summerhouse can be an ideal alternative. Load the house up with cosy blankets and pillows for the perfect sleepover setting.

Here at Harrow Fencing, we supply summerhouses to suit everyone’s requirements, with each summerhouse pre-treated for added protection against the elements.

Contact Harrow Fencing Supplies Ltd today for more information on the services we offer, and we’ll be happy to help.

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