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Latest News The Benefits Of Wooden Garden Playhouses


The Benefits Of Wooden Garden Playhouses

For your children the garden might seem like a fairly boring place, once they’ve explored everything there is to see they won’t be all that interested. You have your garden furniture, your barbeque and possibly even treasured plants, but the kids need a place which they can make their own.

So, with spring just around the corner, what are the benefits of having a wooden garden playhouse installed in your garden?

Get The Kids Outside

It’s so hard to get the kids to play outside these days, they have computers, films and television to keep them occupied. But they need the fresh air and with a garden playhouse you can give them a place to play and get excited about. Pitch it to them as their own personal den away from the home, somewhere for them to play where you can still keep an eye out for them.

Kids Can Play In Any Weather

While no parent will want their children to be running around outside in the pouring rain, you don’t have to keep the kids locked up indoors with you if they have a garden playhouse. A perfectly crafted playhouse can be a place for them to hide out in the bad weather, they can even play house themselves if they have some things to entertain them inside the playhouse.

They Can Be Customised

If your children are going through a phase in which they’re crazy about castles, pirates or the seaside then you can easily adapt your playhouse to suit their tastes. Depending on your crafting skills you could paint the outside house or simply add a frontage to the playhouse. A popular theme right now is to create a hobbit house frontage, just like in the movies.

It’s A Great Storage Space

With a garden playhouse you have an ideal storage space for a variety of items. If the kids don’t make much use of the playhouse when winter comes then you could use it to store your basic garden furniture for a while. Alternatively, if your children have a lot of toys cluttering up your home they might be best kept locked in the playhouse – giving you more room in the house and letting the kids know where they should keep their toys.

Spruce Up Your Garden

Often it can be a chore to find new ways to spruce up your garden, but with beautifully crafted wooden garden playhouses from Harrow Fencing you can add a touch elegance to your garden. Situated within your garden to suit your preference, there isn’t much which beats a quality wooden playhouse in the summer sunshine.

At Harrow Fencing we supply beautifully crafted garden playhouses, encouraging your children to play outside and enjoy your garden in all weather. Contact us today to discuss our wooden playhouses.

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