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How to Create the Ideal Garden for Entertaining and Working

23 June 2020



With many of us confined indoors during lockdown, is it any wonder we want a change of scenery? Even in pre-coronavirus times, the garden has always been a place to relax, unwind and enjoy the company of family and friends. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can create the ideal garden space for outdoor entertaining and working, that you can use during COVID-19 – and long into the future.

How to Create a Garden for Entertaining

Outside is the perfect place to reconnect with family, whether that’s during a pandemic or not. But it’s important to make sure your garden is a place where people want to be. With a few simple tweaks, you can transform it into the perfect place for entertaining.

  • Greenery and flowers: Plants and greenery are the heart and soul of any garden, so make sure your green features are looking their best. You don’t have to turn it into the Chelsea Flower Show, but a few well-placed planters or flower pots can be all you need to bring a touch of vitality to the area and engage with guests. Taller plants can also add privacy. Be sure to check the condition of your lawn; if it is overrun with weeds, it’s time to get the trowel out.
  • Decking: To protect your turf, it’s wise to create a hard surfacing area of the garden. Decking is an ever-popular choice as it carves out a beautiful, durable social space, perfect for chairs, tables and foot traffic to pass over without damaging it. Wooden decking is also in keeping with the outdoor mood and makes for a softer and more natural look compared to paving.
  • Fencing and borders: When entertaining, privacy is very important as it allows your guests to truly unwind and be themselves. If your fence is small or a little worse for wear, consider getting a new one. Not only will this complement the rest of the garden makeover, but it will also add that touch of privacy, security and beauty that a garden needs – not to mention acting as a wonderful windbreaker. Fencing is also highly customisable, allowing you to opt for decorative touches or a fresh coat of paint that matches the exterior decor perfectly.
  • Furniture: Obviously everyone will need a place to sit and eat, meaning that tables, benches and chairs will be a main feature. If you have a larger garden, you may be able to ‘zone’ parts of the garden, some examples of this include a dining area, living room area and maybe even your own outdoor bar. Pop a few candles on to bring a warm glow when evening sets in.
  • Coronavirus safety: A socially distanced garden party is a great way to enjoy the company of loved ones – as long as it’s done safely. If you’re enforcing social distancing, make sure you set out several tables and seating areas at least 2m apart from each other so that different groups of people can safely sit with each other. It might be wise to provide pop-up garden chairs for those who need to distance on their own. Admit guests into your garden via the outside gate, and don’t allow anyone not in your household to enter your home.

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How to Create an Office Garden During COVID-19

Not every day will be suitable for working outdoors, but when the sun is shining through the windows, you may be itching to get outdoors. Luckily, there are a few ways to set up a simple garden office to reap the rewards of the summer sun while maximising your productivity.

  • Shade: Glare on laptop screens is a very real issue when working outside, so it’s important to make sure that you set up in a shady spot, or at least have a canopy that you can erect over your work station. Fences can also add some shade, along with much-needed privacy.
  • Convert your shed: If you quite like the idea of working in your garden, and want to carry on the practice in all weathers, think about converting your shed into an outdoor office. Not only will you be surrounded by nature, but you’ll also have a roof over your head when the rain starts.
  • Desk and chair: Make sure working outside doesn’t take its toll on your body, and ensure that your set-up is as ergonomic as possible. Use the outside tables as a desk, and either bring out your office chair or a special back cushion to place on your garden chairs.
  • Decking: Give yourself a stable place to set up by laying sturdy decking. Crafted from wood, this feature will blend beautifully into your garden design.

Rain or shine, with a few changes you can enjoy your garden during the lockdown pandemic – and beyond.

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