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Fencing Regulations and Your Neighbours

Surprisingly, there are no laws stating that home owners must erect fences around their property. Rather, many people opt for fencing or gates for the added privacy and security this will provide. However, the rules regarding boundaries between two properties are often hazy, and can easily cause conflict between owners without the proper information and approach.

Here at Harrow Fencing, we believe in providing the highest quality fencing products to all our customers – but it is important to make yourself aware of the fencing regulations for your property first! We’ve explained the regulations and laws regarding land boundaries, and how to deal with this with your neighbours.


Your property’s title deeds are the first place to look to determine where the boundaries for your property are. These will show if there is an existing boundary agreement between two properties, provide a guide for where you should install your fencing, and should indicate who owns the current fence.

If the deeds say nothing regarding boundaries, the side with posts or struts is often considered to be in ownership of the fence. You and your neighbours can agree on boundaries by drawing up a boundary agreement.

Boundary Agreements

If there are no existing agreements or fences, you and your neighbours can create a boundary agreement that states where the borders of your properties are. This document should be in writing, and signed by both parties to avoid potential conflicts in future.

The best method when it comes to housing issues is to always discuss them with your neighbour first, and try to come to an agreement that pleases both parties – remember, negotiating with a neighbour you get on with will be far easier than if you’re in conflict with them!

Planning Permission

Generally, you should not need to obtain planning permission before installing a fence in your garden unless:

  • The structure will be over two metres high
  • The structure is over one metre and is next to a highway
  • The fence could result in an overhang across passing traffic (including pedestrians) which could block visibility
  • Your house is a listed building or forms a boundary with a listed building

Sharing a boundary with your neighbours can be a difficult topic to navigate, so communication is always key. Remember to talk to your neighbours and share any plans regarding erecting fences before you do it, or this could result in conflict best avoided when living so close to one another!

Contact our friendly team here at Harrow Fencing to discuss your plans to erect a fence for your property. We stock a wide range of materials and offer quality installation services to make it that bit easier for you – get in touch with us today for more advice on your fencing needs.

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