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6 Security Basics for Startups & Small Businesses

7 August 2020

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If any business owners are watching the pennies, it’s startups and small businesses. However, it really is vital not to scrimp on security. Protecting your assets from theft and your premises from break-ins is an essential part of safeguarding your future growth as a business – not to mention the livelihood of yourself and staff. 

But, where do you start? In this article, we’ll take you through the key security tips for small businesses and startups, so you can plan ahead with confidence. 

Cyber Security

Any business with an online presence needs to carefully consider online security, as well as the physical security of physical offices, shops etc. Be sure to regularly change passwords, and ensure you have the most up-to-date anti-virus software and firewalls. Ensure that only trustworthy people are privy to passwords or other online security details, and make sure everyone is aware of potential phishing scams. 

Risk Assessment

Before you can boost security, you need to assess what actually needs doing. Prior to following through on any other startup security tips, establish first where your weak points are, where your areas of value are, whether you have any legal obligations to fulfil, and decide which options described in this article might be best suited to your situation. Regularly review your risk assessment, especially if you move locations or grow in scope, scale and business focus. 

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Strengthen Any Entry Points

Doors and windows are the entry points into your building during the day – and night. Therefore, make sure they are made of strong, robust materials with a decent locking system. You may wish to consider access control systems, such as fobs or coded locks, to bolster security further and make sure that only authorised personnel can gain access – these access control systems can also help you log who is in the building and when.  

CCTV and Alarms 

A list of small business security tips wouldn’t be complete without the essentials of CCTV cameras and alarms. While it comes with an initial upfront cost, cameras and alarm systems are the best way to secure your premises, gather visual evidence of break-ins, deter criminals, and alert others if a break-in does occur. It also ensures the safety of your assets, especially overnight – and if you do use CCTV cameras, put a sign up that says so, as this can be a strong deterrence. As a start-up or small business, you may not have a lot of budget to spend on lots of cameras, so carefully choose the most vulnerable spots for a select few cameras to be placed. 

Security Fencing 

Security fencing offers a strong, durable barrier around your premises. This makes it difficult for outsiders to breach or climb – what’s more, the mere sight of fencing can be enough to deter would-be criminals from attempting illegal entry in the first place. A variety of metal fencing types exist, including vertical steel bar railings, sturdy triple splayed top steel palisade fencing, wire mesh and anti-climb fencing, the latter designed specifically to make it challenging for intruders to scale. 

Security Lighting 

Like fencing, security lighting can be a surefire way to deter intruders. It also acts as a way to improve visibility, detect movement at your premises, and increase the chance of spotting trespassers. 

Searching for professional security fencing installation for your business? Here at Harrow Fencing, we offer a variety of high-strength options to protect your premises – including anti-climb, bow top and steel. We can also provide aesthetically-pleasing options that still offer the same security value.

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