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Concrete Posts & Travel Boards

Concrete Posts & Gravel Boards

Concrete fencing posts and bases can be used for wooden fencing and concrete slab walls alike. All concrete fencing posts are reinforced to ensure they are long lasting and totally durable. They are completely maintenance free as they do not require any secondary weather proofing at any point.

When it comes to concrete fencing used in conjunction with our concrete slabs you will require our slotted concrete fencing posts. The slots allow you to, as the name suggests, slot the slabs of concrete one on top of another into place to form a wall of whichever height you desire.

For more information regarding our concrete fencing posts, and which products would be best suited for use in conjunction with them, you can speak to the experts here at Harrow Fencing Supplies. We supply concrete fencing posts from our depot in Harrow and Hillingdon, so if you are in the London and surrounding areas you trust us to provide a comprehensive fencing service. We cover Harrow, Hillingdon and London.

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