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Close board fencing

Close Board Fencing

Close board fencing is ideal for any domestic or commercial property which requires an attractive yet sturdy fencing solution. If you would like an aesthetically pleasing way to border your garden or outdoor space in a way that will keep small pets such as dogs and rabbits inside where ranch type fencing would fail, close board fencing is a great solution.

This style of fencing is a very sturdy means of wind blocking, which will help protect your delicate plants from the worst of the wind. And to make your close board fencing doubly durable you can apply a spirit-based finishing product in a variety of colours. For more information or advice regarding close board or any other type of wooden fencing you can contact Harrow Fencing Supplies via phone or e-mail. Details can be found on the contact us section of this site. We can also provide obligation free quotations. We cover Harrow, Hillingdon and London. Contact us today.

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